Sunday, August 12, 2018

The Bug....

...the little bitty bug called the Running Bug has been buzzing about my head. I have seen it here and there, heard it on a beautiful evening, felt it on a quiet morning.  He’s after me. 

I’m not going to fight it. 

Now I don’t plan to get crazy but I do plan to start getting a few miles logged. And here’s the hardest part, I’m looking at C25k plans. No shame in it AT ALL. I feel like I want to start from the beginning. I am by no means out of shape. But I am for sure out of RUNNING CONDITION. I can lift 262 pounds up off the ground. I can squat 200 pounds. I can clean and jerk 142 pounds, from the ground to over head. I am strong. But if s bear, or bad guy, or rabid skunk, or mean dog, or zombie, or wasp, or parliament or raccoons were chasing me they’d have me in 400 meters. 

I’d be a goner. 

I don’t like that thought. 

I want to be able to run 15 miles no problem. 

So I think I’m ready to slowly start back getting some mileage and cardio in my life. 

Anyone have any great C25K plans they love? I’m going to be doing some research and planning and hope to have a solid plan by Wednesday. But I’d love to know any of your thoughts! 

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  1. dulu saya suka lari lari tapi sekarang kakiku sakit kalau lari jauh


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