Friday, August 17, 2018

The Struggle is Real!

Making a new habit it haaaaaaaaaard.

Last night I decided I was going to get my life together and deleted all the alarms I had set on my phone. And stop snoozing 57 times.

Anyone else relate??

This is only a few of them! 

Well it was decided we’d get up at 6:05 and get around for school. As LB heads to the bus I’d head out for my run. Good plan last night but when I woke up this morning I didn’t want to. I did snooze the alarms. A few times. We ended up getting up at 6:20, still plenty of time to get around and catch the school bus. But I was tired and didn’t want to run.

I kicked around and tried to talk myself out of it while simletaneously talking myself in to it.

I got dressed about 2 min after LB walked out the door and got my run under way.

Getting started is the hardest part. Once I decided to go and got myself out the door the rest was easy! I even got to see a beautiful Oklahoma sunrise. #worthit  Are hashtags a thing in blogs?

I did another 8 cycle run of 1 min run/2 min walk for a total of 24 min. I was back home and had plenty of time to get ready for work, I was even ready early.  So no excuses. I have no reason not to do this. Once I’m up, I’m up.

Day 2 done and done!

This is the app I use for Tabata type workouts:

It's called TimerPro and you can set the intervals any way you like. It works really well, even with my music playing. I set it for 8 rounds of 1 min run and 2 minutes walk. Tomorrow I'll set it for 8 rounds of 2 min run/2 min walk. So if you're looking for a cool app to help you out, especially if you are Naked Running, it works well and you don't have to keep looking at a watch.

Tuesday my new FitBit will arrive! I am pretty excited, even though it has been really nice to just get out and run without worrying about all the details; pace, distance, speed. But... I would like to know how far I go during my workout. And I want to start hitting my step goal each day. And well, if you're not logging or keeping track then are you even walking or getting the steps? I think not.....

Also Tuesday my new barbell arrives! Its gonna be a big day around here! I love getting presents in the mail....even if I did have to pay for them myself. Ahhhh!

Isn't it the pretties barbell you've ever laid eyes on??? So even though I am trying to run more I still can't give up the CrossFit and weightlifting. I love it....

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