Monday, February 22, 2016

Is Spring Springing?

The past week has brought some pretty amazing weather here in OK. It's had me sitting outside in my rocking chair staring at my garden. I love spring and I love having a garden. I love being able to eat from my own yard and making fewer trips to the fresh markets for veggies. 

Last year my garden didn't do so great. It was OK but nothing like my garden in I miss this little garden. 

Maybe I should go back to this yard, this house, this garden, this time.....

I'm hoping to make a few adjustments that will make a big difference. But that is part of the fun, figuring out how to deal with the challenges. 

Saturday I attended a class on hydroponics at a local organic garden shop.

I don't know what face this is...i think it is the "I know I'm on video surveillance and taking a selfie" face...

Hydroponics table!!! I want this!
I picked up a small start up system and decided to start my seeds using the hydroponic method and transplant them outside in a few weeks. I'm excited to see how it works! I've opted against my greenhouse this season. The wind here is just too severe and the temperatures to unpredictable and variable to use my small-scale greenhouse. Someday I'll have an awesome, permanent structure, climate controlled that is meant for year round use and stable enough to withstand the elements that come at it. But not yet....not yet....cue what are you waiting for?????

Since peppers take the longest of my garden selection to germinate I started them first. 

Ace is checking it out! I've got a grow light and a heating pad under the tray. 

Later this week I'll get the tomatoes started. It's all trial and error at this point but it sure is fun when you see them start to grow. 

I've still got a lot to do to prepare the outdoor garden. These days I'm trying to stay busy and do things that bring me joy, fulfillment, and meaning. And right now something as simple as watching a tiny seed sprout offers all of that to me. 

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