Sunday, February 28, 2016

16.1 CrossFit Open....What??

Do you feel like suddenly people are speaking a foreign language? Something is going on but you have no idea what it is? Well I'm still learning too but this is what I do know, it's pretty awesome. 

So what is this 16.1 you've been seeing all over Facebook that your friends are posting? It's the first workout of the 2016 CrossFit Open Games. And it was a doozie. There's a pretty cool video you can watch on the CrossFit Games webpage found HERE

So.... what, you ask, was the 16.1 workout? Well check it out: 

Still not sure what exactly it was? Ok, here is some jargon explained for you. 

AMRAP-  as many rounds as possible 
OH-over head 
C2B- chest to bar
RX-the prescribed workout, weight and skills the hardest way
Scaled-still hard, but a little bitty bit easier, but less weight. 

So Friday night we, all my CF friends, showed up to workout, complete workout 16.1. For 20 minutes we did as many rounds as possible of lunges, holding 65 pounds overhead, for 25 feet. Followed by 8 burpees over the bar, 25 ft of OH lunges, 8 chest to bar pull-ups. This is where I had to scale, instead of regular C2B pull-ups I did jumping pull-ups. Some day I'll be able to do a legit C2B pull-up. Someday.  20 minutes is a very long time... I got 120 reps during 20 minutes of amazing, motivating, character-building minutes. And I'm pretty happy with that! 

All said and done, when it was over we were all smiles!! 

Thursday night we find out what 16.2 is! Then Friday we come together, cheer each other on, and get it done! And that my friend is only the beginning of what CrossFit is about!  Wanna check it out? And give it a try?? You should come to my gym CrossFit LandRush! You won't be sorry! 

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