Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Weekend Shenanigans in Nashville!

This past weekend I got to get out of OK and meet up with a few of my PNW friends for a girls weekend!

St. Paddy'sDay Celebration! 

Grand Ole Opry!

 We had a great time just hanging out and catching up.  I had big plans of finding a local "box" to complete my open workout but that didn't happen....well, because....vacation.  So I ended up getting it done Monday morning before going in to work.

16.3 Complete and sun in my eyes....

In other news we have OKC Memorial Marathon coming up end of April. I am planning on doing the 13.1 but I haven't officially registered yet. Imagine that.... Hold on, I'm going to go do that right now....

Done. Registered. 13.1 on the calendar! 

The last 13.1 I did was in Raleigh and it was probably three years ago? And I didn't even do a Race Recap on it so I can't go back and see how I did. FAIL. My expectation for this is not stellar. My predicted finish time is 2:06-2:15. Of course I would like 1:55 but lets be real....I haven't been putting in sub 2 training. So I will not set myself up for failure. I guess I should start running a little bit.

I am curious to see how my performance will be with the CrossFit and swimming added to my training. It will be interesting for sure.

So here it goes! Training officially begins today...with crossfit and swimming tonight...when am I going to run?

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