Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bring Me My Rocker, I'm Retiring....

When it rains it pours...for real. I have been swamped with appointments lately and only a few of those are for my gimp knee, but you don't need to hear about those, at least not at this point. This morning I had a two week follow-up for my knee ( I really need to name my cyst if we will be spending so much time together). If you recall I had quite a disappointing meeting with the doctor (read about it HERE) a couple of weeks ago, which lit a fire under my bootie and resulted in requesting a second opinion referral and a third referral just to be sure. I'm not playing around. Anyway when I was checking out during my first appointment they scheduled me with the PA which was FINE BY ME. I was not thrilled with the Dr. I had just seen and honestly probably would not have gone back today had the appointment been with him.

Either way, I went in this AM and met with a PA student, which was awesome. He covered all his bases and asked super questions then I heard him relay all the info to the PA. It was a two-fer! So the PA checked me over, discussed the notes from the Dr. and I immediately told him I was not okay with what I was told and not running was not an option. Long story short we discussed options OTHER than "not running". He had ideas! He had a brain! It was refreshing! He told me about his hesitancy to "slice me open" and I agree, he informed me about physical therapy and ultrasound therapy and how it would not necessarily shrink it but could decrease swelling (which it was swollen today, probably from the running lately), and the best thing he said was "Ramp up the running." Yep, that is what he said. He told me to ramp it up. I told him it was actually perfect timing since OBX full training starts on Sunday, July 8. He said to schedule to come back in August, or before if necessary. He said we could discuss the need for ultrasound therapy then, and assess the pain and worsening, and to get through the training maybe steroid shots if necessary. He wrote me a prescription for  a Flector Patch - an adhesive NSAID, to wear during and after a run or as needed. I was happy with this... but despite being happy though I will keep my second opinion appointment on July 17 and will proceed with scheduling the third opinion when I can fit it in. I feel happy just being heard and treated like an athlete-not an old lady who longs for a life on the porch in a rocker....however-give me a rocker on a porch facing the Atlantic with the sun, wind and salty breeze and I may just hang up my shoes...but probably not.

And just because no post is complete without some sort of visual here is my Facebook post about what you just read above....

And here is our 7 day forecast...just because everyone else has posted it too. Can you say BEACH?  I can!

I know pretty much everyone has been super hot this week or is about to be, like us. Remember, stay hydrated and try to run in the coolest part of the day....

And a very important note from J-Ninja:

Don't forget about our furry's too hot to run with them in this heat, even if you think they can handle it. They are hairy and will die trying to keep up with you. 

How are you going to stay cool in this heat wave?


  1. Yeah that is GREAT news, so happy for you :)

    1. Thanks!! It's pretty exciting! Pretty much trumps Christmas. =)

  2. Glad you found someone who is willing to brainstorm your other options. :)

  3. Replies
    1. YES!! Can't wait Rose!! We plan to spend Friday to Monday!!

  4. No heat here! We're still in jeans and hoodies! Brr!

    1. Run it in why don't you??? =) JK, I actually really love the heat. I can do without the humidity though. =/


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