Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Getting it Together...

I've been trying to get everything together so that I can begin juicing along with my smoothie-making...It truly takes a LOT of preparation. I placed an order last week at our local Natural Market. I may have put the horse before the cart though because I didn't really realize that wheatgrass needs it's very own, special, EXPENSIVE juicer machine. Thankfully my friend V loaned me her regular juicer to try for a while so I can make sure it's something I want to invest hundreds of dollars into before I actually do it. But the wheat grass juicer is still an issue...

I didn't really know that the wheatgrass needs to be refrigerated so now it's hiding under my desk. I bet my clients are going to wonder what in the world is going on here...And actually, now that I look at my desk from back here I wonder what's going on here. It looks like a mess.

I searched Amazon for an affordable wheat grass juicer and found this one:

I think I'll give it a try and see how it works. It's manual and significantly less than $100...to me that means a solid YES.
My Magic Bullet is working beautifully for the smoothies and it has really been fun to participate in the 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge.

IMG_3862.jpg IMG_3863.jpg

I've been doing some running. Not a lot but some. It feels good and I have minimal pain, which is great. I have a follow-up appointment on Thursday and am waiting for the second opinion doctor to call me back to schedule. I can't believe how long this process takes. This has been going on since the first week of May. And to think, full marathon training for OBX starts July 8. Wow. If the second opinion doctor doesn't want to take my case then he will give me the name of someone who may know better how to work with my uh..."problem". I also have one more referral to see another doctor about it in hopes that out of THREE doctors at least one of them will know what can be done. In the mean time I just keep running around like a lunatic from one office to another requesting records, delivering MRI/X-Ray disks, yadda yadda yadda....there has to be a better, more efficient way. All of my down time is spent going to doctors offices and appointments, leaving me little time to run or work out. Wah wah....yes I am crying you a river.
I guess I do have a little, bitty, teeny tiny bit of time here and there. Yesterday I did some kettle bell exercises on the back porch. It was hot and humid as a mug.


This is sweat, not water, rain or anything else...and there is no lotion on my skin either. This is pure sweat...

Oh I love summer....

So lots of new things here in 5 Mile land...Any juicer, smoothie tips to share? Any wheat grass knowledge? I hope I can keep it alive, at least long enough to give it a try!


  1. Wow you are dripping! Hello hot! Glad you are able to run a bit! The whole grass and juice thing is way over my head but I am sure you will figure it out! HUGS!

    1. Totally hot!! =) All this grass/juice is over my head too! Trial and error my friend! That is the name of my game!!

  2. I only juice fruits and the occasional tomato. Favorite combination is orange and tomato.
    Wheat grass scares me.

    1. Are you serious? Tomato and orange?? Totally going to have to try it! =) And Wheatgrass is kind of scary...but I am going to give it a shot!

  3. I bought a Vitamix several months ago and am absolutely hooked on green smoothies. I have one every single morning! I usually do kale, spinach, 1 scoop Vega hemp/pea protein, baby carrots, 1 orange, 1 banana, handful of frozen peaches and blueberries and a sprinkling of shelled sunflower seeds, chia seeds and coconut. I usually also sprinkle some dried kelp, Matcha powder, PB2 powder and spirulina in as well. Keeps me full all morning and I've lost weight to boot!
    Good luck and have fun experimenting...keep posting about it! :)

    1. Oh awesome! I've been eyeing the Vitamix very closely. I want to see that I can stick to this before I drop a lot of money. That is awesome that you were able to drop a lot of weight too! Do you feel better with all that natural goodness?

  4. What size kettle ball do you use? I was thinking about starting to use one but I read that you can get injured very easily. They are intimidating.

    1. I have a 10lb and a 26 lb. I worked with the 10lb for quite a long time before I could use the 26 lb. And to be honest, yes I believe you can easily hurt yourself. I hurt my back once and really felt uncomfortable for about a week and a half. So starting light is a good idea. I think I moved up to much to fast. =/

  5. just snooping that pic of your desk and.....i don't know if you know this but....eggs have to be refrigerated. :P


    1. oh shoot!! Forgot to put the eggs in the fridge!!! =)


You're pretty much awesome!!


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