Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wordless Wednesday....

Is it really even possible for me to do a wordless Wednesday? No, I didn't think so either.

In other news, I got to swim today! It felt SO good to be back in the pool! I know I'm not going to be consistent but there is now Master's Swim on Monday and Wednesday evening, on a trial basis. It is just so hard for me to go straight from work to swim then get home so late. Someday, someday things (i.e. running, swimming, biking, lifting, fitness, life) will be more convenient. I just have to be patient.

Back to the swim! It was fabulous. I haven't been able to join the Master's team since I started my full-time job in July. It was good to get back in the water and hone my stroke. My muscle memory didn't fail me and it was like riding a bike....I felt great. I felt smooth and fast. Not rusty at all! The coach even told me I was in the wrong lane, I needed to be in the fast lane. Ah, felt good to be back in the pool. It would be great if I got to swim even once a week for now, but I'm afraid it will be sporadic and spontaneous at best.

As for running, I got the long run in on Sunday before the Super Bowl, 12 miles with J-Ninja. We were both a bit sore and tired. I think, no I KNOW there was a lot of whining and complaining going on. We ran the hilliest route available to us and it is not a pleasant experience. I mean the company was great and the scenery good, but the hills?  The worst part is knowing that it barely holds a candle to Big Sur and the hills we will experience there. But what else can we do? We take what we can get.....

As we finished the run we were both thanking each other for dragging the other along. Come to find out we both would have been perfectly happy turing around at the ONE mile mark. J-Ninja confessed she may not have even gotten out to run if it were a solo run. Truth be told I probably would not have either, and if I did, given the weather conditions-cold, misty, rainy, windy, cold- I most likely would have finished up 3 or 4 miles and called it a day. It's just better with a partner....

So, we made plans to meet Saturday for our next run. This is a step back week (and boy am I taking this step-back thing serious-I have not run a step this week. Oops.) and we have 9 miles on the plan. There is a lake near my house that has some mountain bike trails that go on and on for miles. Since we will be running a 50k on trails in June we need some trail running training. So we are meeting for 9 miles of trails on Saturday. This could be fun, interesting, muddy, ugly, amazing, awful...who knows? I'm up for the challenge.

There you have it, my Wordless Wednesday.....

What wordless things do you have to say?


  1. What? C'mon, you LOVE cold, windy, misty, cold weather! What's happened to you?! :)

  2. Yeah I swam today also! I also told my swim team kids that legs love lunges as we did a lap and they didn't agree with your theory! Miss you!!!

  3. I want to run with you!!! 50K and Marathon seem so long to me right now.. I cant seem to get the energy for long runs.. Going with the FLOW here..

  4. My wordless Wednesday! I am free of the splint, I do not have a blood clot, I just have some sore tight muscles, still no walking for four more weeks, I can shower!!! I am released to sedentary work!

  5. Go pool time...oh, you are such a natural.

  6. Yay for masters swimming!! I'm about to start cross-training for a few tris this summer and running is the first activity on my schedule, after my masters meets are over, that is. Fun to read your adventures in tri!


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