Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sometimes I Disappear...

Ok, not really....but kind of.

I have been swamped with work and home balance and the first thing to get the back seat is my blog and facebook, which means the second thing to get the nix is my running. HORRIBLE, I know. The more stressed I get the less time I have to run, the less I run the more stressed I get....and the cycle spirals out of control unitl I yell at The Hubs and then he tells me to eat a snack then I tell him yell at him that I'm not hungry, which I usually am....then I grump around complaining that I have zero time to run. AND...when I do run, it's in my boring neighborhood. Except for last Saturday when I headed out and tried to make it 15 miles.
Deserted NC road...
This is the road outside the safety of my neighbohood. It really is pretty...but it is also isolated and see the shoulder? Yeah, neither do I....this stretch has a nice grassy, level ditch but for the most part it is a slanted ditch and now they are tearing it up to put in some kind of huge pipes for drainage....annoying. And since it is so isolated, when there are actually cars they fly 100 mph by me and don't slow down. Jerks.

I made it 8 miles last weekend. My legs and calves were so sore and I was running solo. My brain was going to have nothing to do with 15 miles. I tried to solve my sore calves by eating expired Gu....which I had NEVER even considered or new could be possible until Caution:RedHeadRunning mentioned it in a post.... I didn't care, at least not enough to not eat it. I needed something to help me get didn't help. I ran/walked the 5 miles I had left. With my tail between my legs. Yes. I have a tail.
Expired GU....bad that I ate it???
All last week I missed my runs, except for Friday. I ran 3 miles in the evening. I have to get it together or I will be spectating Big Sur 26.2 and not running.

My Garmin was dead and so I ran old school style with my G Shock. It was cool.


Today I met J-Ninja for 13 miles. It was windy as all get out....and chilly. We made it 11 miles, which was actually fine with me. I am so sore and tired right now it almost feels like maybe I ran 20 miles. I guess that is what I get for running a weekly total of 3 miles then running 11. I over quadrupled my weekly distance with my long run. Can you say No No!? That is like the fast train to injury....I know better. I know I cannot effectively and safely train for a marathon by doing the long runs alone.

When I got home I was starving and freezing so I decided to make myself a protein shake.

Pin It Here is my recipe:
In no particular order, because you can just throw it all in the blender....

-1 Banana
-4 Blackberries
-4 Raspberries
-A glob of crunchy, all natural peanut butter
-2 scoops of vanilla protein powder
-5 Tbls of Chia
-1 cup of milk (whatever kind you use)
-5 ice cubes (would have done more but I was freezing)
-a splash of water to thin it up a bit

DELICIOUS!   Go ahead, give it a try!!!

This will be a better week....It HAS to be...I have to get it together. I have a half marathon in 3 weeks that I keep forgetting about...


  1. Yuck, nobody likes to have a week like this, but in the end it's just one week... right? You're a badass, you just need some more free time, then you'll be back up to your regular fabulousity! ;)

  2. HA! You said fabulosity! I love it!! I am so stealing that!!

    And yeah, it was one week, following one other bad week....but tomorrow is a new day and I will step it up!! =)


  3. I get a bit of anxiety if I have to miss a scheduled workout, but at the end of the day I know how fortunate I am to have work, a home, and most importantly... my family. Somehow, all works itself out. You ended up having a good run. I hope the work and home stuff gets caught up for you so you can get back to your training schedule.

  4. I'm just glad I'm not the only one having these crap weeks.

    Question: ever make that shake without the banana? I am (strangely) allergic to bananas, and it seems like ALL the recovery/protein shake recipes have them. But that sounds GOOD.

  5. Hey Pensive Pumpkin!! Absolutely, you can leave the banana out! You could put in any other fruit/veggie you like! I bet strawberries or pineapple would be good. I just like the thickness a banana gives it. But certainly not required to make it delicious! =)

  6. LOVE the expired GU picture. Hilarious.

    Keep up the good work, sistah!

  7. That protein shake sounds good! I've had expired GU before, but I think it was a couple months old, not a couple years!! What have you been doing with it all this time? :-)

    If I remember correctly, eating expired GU isn't too big a deal. I'm pretty sure they even have something on their website about how long it's still good for after the expiration date but I'm too lazy to look for it now.

  8. I hate to run on roads like that where cars drive so fast and don't give you any space. SCARY!

    Good for you getting back at it... just keep trying!

    I eat expired Gu all the time. :)

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  10. You survived! Yay! Expired Gu be damned!

    It sounds like you have a case of the burnouts lady!!!

  11. I so love you and miss you.
    Aunt Joyce


You're pretty much awesome!!


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