Monday, February 13, 2012

Trail Running vs. Road Running....


Guess which one is the trail run?

Yeah, the trail run looks a bit like the map of a mouse on crack! Kind of what I imagined a GPS of a squirrel would look like. I will say the trail run was much more entertaining than the boring old six miles out and six miles back.

My decision to wear the New Balance WT10 Minimus shoes was a good one. I felt great, aside from a bit of soreness, I suspect from falling. Twice. I have been easing into these shoes since July and so far so good. And I will say wearing them on the trail, as intended, is much better than in a 5k road race-would not recommend that. The only soreness I had from the shoes was on the bottom of my feet from running on some lose gravel and rocks along a portion of a road. Other than that I had no problems at all.

Trail running makes me feel pretty hard core. Check out my battle wounds....ok, they are more like tiny scratches but still, you don't get that on a road run-unles you trip over the pavement, which I have done before.....
Battle wounds.

I even had to pull out a pretty huge splinter. All worth it though! I think we will be running on this trail again, but too bad there was not a significant elevation change. We are lacking some serious hills around here....It makes training for a hilly marathon nearly impossible. I guess I could run on a treadmill at an incline of 11%. Now that sounds fun.....NOT.

Well, happy Eve of Valentine's Day. Any big plans? Any haters out there? It's ok, this is actually probably one of my least favorite holidays, although I smile when I think about the year my dad had a dozen roses sent to me at school when I was a Jr. or Sr. At the time I had no idea that would be such a special memory.



  1. Come to VT and run with me. We've got elevation!!

  2. Plenty of elevation in CT to climb too. haha

    I wonder if we could attach a GPS to a squirrel just to verify the randomness of the path. The bigger issue would be getting the GPS back. Hmmm....

    I'm not so much a fan of the day (nothing to do with being single though). That's nice you do have a fun memory to attach to the day though.

  3. You could come to Western New York too, there's definitely some elevation change here!

    Great job on your run!

  4. I love how those trail runs wiggle around so much! Trail running is hard core!!

  5. I haven't done any any trail runs yet - but my routine could definitely use some shaking up.
    Also - LOVE your socks!

  6. Awesome trail run! Happy Valentines Day! I love all the candy :)

  7. Everyone is offering me your generous!! Now where is the airfare? =) I'd LOVE to come for a seriously HILLY run with each of you!!

  8. I live in Syracuse, and you can't run a race here without hitting some KILLER hills. Good for training though : )

  9. Ever since I've discovered trail running I've been kinda down on roads. Maybe it's because it always feels new. Hard to compare one trail to anything else.
    Love the socks!!

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