Monday, February 27, 2012

So where was I?

Ahhh the midst of a disappearing act!

Well, I'm a lame magician. Just sayn'. If I were a good one I'd disappear myself to some beach somewhere, with my toes in the sand, sun on my face, good book in hand and all the time in the world to run and frolic about....and money trees and free entry fees and GU that never expires. Paradise I tell you, that is where I would go....

I am ready for summer....for our annual Beach Weekend where this is our back porch....
Surf boards!!

Who doesn't want to sprint down a deck to the beach?  
Am I the only one ready for summer? Oh trust me, I haven't forgotten the heat, the humidity... the misery. I am welcoming it this year (remind me of this later, ok?). Tonight's cold, pouring rain kept me from my run. Ok, I kept me from my run but I was out in the rain all day and my feet were soaked and I just couldn't stand the thought of going out in the rain again for a run and to further prunize my feet-yes prunize. It's a word. So I opted for nothing.

I guess it seems I am still fighting with the Mojo Monster...he really wants my Mojo and I am holding on. Barely. Which reminds me! I never sent you all over to check out my guess post at Fitfluential, Inc. did I? Go ahead, this post is boring so head over to Fitfluential, Inc. and check out my post there! Click HERE.

Ok, that is all for this Monday evening.....I hope you had a great Monday!


  1. Gurrrl... I can NOT wait until Summer!!! We have a condo right on the beach on Tybee Island (Georgia) which is about 45 mins from our house... it's my paradise.
    I hear ya though, the heat and humidity will take a bit of the joy out of my mileage, especially after days like yesterday when I ran 9 miles in a cool drizzle, it was delish.
    I'd trade it for a day at the beach with my chair pulled right up to the water's edge... my toes dug deep in sand and a cooler full of COLD beer next to me. Ahhhh... bring it on!

  2. Can't wait for summer...join the crowd! I have all these great running plans, then I look outside and see snow. :(

  3. The Mojo Monster's got me too. I read something (think it was Amby Burfoot) who said the middle of a training plan is the hardest bit, because the gravitational pull of the finish line hasn't got you yet. Maybe Dean Karnazes? Ida know. But I am sooooo looking forward to being propelled forward instead of slogging through the middle bits.

  4. I'm ready for flip flops! No snow here but the gray skies make me want to go to the garden center and smell some mulch.

  5. yes I am ready for summer.


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