Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Weekend in DC....

And not for the MCM....thank goodness!

It was COLD and gross! Saturday it was blowing snow. I felt bad for the MCM runners. I have experienced this kind of weather faux pas before when I did OKC Memorial half last year. The forecast looked good, I packed, hit the airport and by the time I landed in OKC the forecast had completely changed...instead of the nice 50 degree race everyone planned for it was freezing rain, sleet, wind and 34 degrees. Not fun. So I surely felt bad for the racers who were scampering about trying to find warmer clothes suitable for race day.

I had about a mile walk both Friday and Saturday morning from my hotel to the site of our RRCA class. Good thing I packed my new Columbia Omni-Dri Ultrabreathable Waterproof jacket (full review coming soon)! It kept me dry AND warm!

Pictures curtsey of LB....

IMG_3158.JPG IMG_3160.JPG

See the snow/ice gathering?


I made it through the RRCA Coaching Certification course held in Arlington, VA....This is not to say I am "certified", yet. I still have to take (and pass) a test and get my CPR/First Aid to the our instructor. But I think it is is safe to say I will soon be a certified Road Runners Club of America Running Coach! I am pretty excited about fits into my long-term life goal of motivating people and encouraging them to set and achieve goals that will benefit them in not only physical manner but mentally as well. Pretty cool, don't 'cha think?

My stuff....


We learned SO much over the course of two days! I feel like my brain is still on overload actually. We learned about VO2Max, ATP, rules of overload and specificity, work capacity, energy systems, training adaptations, creating plans....Nutrition, injury prevention, the psychology of training/running/racing....and of course about coaching! It was a great course and it made me want to go back to school to learn about Exercise Science, Kinesiology, and Nutrition. Who knows, maybe I will pick one of those to further my education. I've been kicking around going back to become a registered dietician but it's a big, huge commitment.

So there you have weekend in DC/Arlington!

This afternoon we are off to a Halloween/Birthday party for The Hubs. His costume is classic! You'll have to check back to see, I don't think you'll want to miss it!

How about you? Any Halloween parties? Did you make it through MCM?


  1. How cool on your 2 days of classes - sounds super interesting! Would love to do that someday. Was it really expensive? I love Halloween - we had our costume party last night.

  2. I don't give a rip about coaching anyone else, but I would like to sign up just to take the certification classes. I would love to learn about all that stuff you just listed!

  3. awesome, i just took that a while back and i am a certified coach now. was your teacher janet ? she was GREAT and yes made me want to learn so much more. i am hoping that they start having more classes on different topics.

    went to a party last night and hubby and i were jessie james and kat von d and we were quite a hit !!! i think people liked me better as kat than my normal old self ...

  4. Way to go!! That's wonderful! Hope all turns out well with the cert. You rock! :)

  5. So excited for you!!! I'm trying to get into a class for a while and can't wait to call myself Coach Christine :)

  6. I ll be your client! I defintely need help to get back on track I found out there is a gym here and I am going to go tomorrow. My old trainer B gave me many tools I just need to get my ass in gear and back to it! I miss you, thinking about you all the time ! I did have a dream I did a half and ran the whole thing!
    Love you!

  7. Good job!!! Good luck on passing the test!! If I had to change careers I would do something like that!!!

  8. That's exciting that you will soon be a coach. It sounds like you learned a lot of useful info. Good luck studying for the big test :)

  9. Super cute jacket! Awesome that you took the coaching course. You'd make a great coach!


You're pretty much awesome!!


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