Saturday, October 22, 2011

Forget me not...

I'm still here….

I've been pretty busy and admittedly avoiding my blog (sorry! Forgive me???). I have a zillion excuses. Would you like to hear them all? No? Ok, I'll spare you.

As for my upcoming OBX marathon…things are still up in the air. I headed out today for a long run. I was aiming for at least 16, hopefully 18, wishful-thinkingly 20….I made it 13.25 before I called it quits. My hip was hurting and my knees felt achey.

I know I can't jump to a 20 mile long run after weeks of little to no mileage. In fact check out my mileage for the past 5 weeks…Not impressive at all.


So no wonder my knees and hip were creaky and achey today. I increased my mileage WAY too much after taking too much time off. I know better….I'm a smart runner, usually. So with THREE weeks left until my marathon I am still thinking of making a stupid decision: Run the full 26.2. The beauty is though, that I can do the half, DNF, walk, crawl, cry…whatever. I don't really care. I know I'm not going for a PR or a BQ. I'm going for a Show-Up-With-My-Big-Girl-Undies-On. No expectations really, other than to just go.

I'm hoping this marathon can fuel the fire that struggles to burn, a fire that hasn't been glowing to it's potential for about a year now. It has been one year since I left the PNW and moved to the south and I feel like it has been a battle to keep my running fire alive since I got here. I refuse to let this location completely extinguish the love I have for the run, but it has been tough.

In other news…to catch you up what has been happening in 5 Mile Land, I said goodbye to my beloved Jeep…


With my 52 mile one-way commute to and from work, and driving on the job, I just couldn't really afford to keep her any longer. I was spending my salary on gas. So, we said our goodbyes and I brought home this beaute:


A Nissan Altima Hybrid.

Let me tell you….get a hybrid! It's AMAZING! I am saving so much money a month on gas it is ridiculous. When we were car shopping I had no intention of a hybrid or a car. I wanted another SUV type vehicle that got more than my Jeep's 19 mpg and could carry my bike to triathlons. But once I saw this I couldn't pass up the 33 mpg's in city driving. No way. Plus it feels good to be a little on the green side. I can get a bike rack for it and cruise to my triathlons in green, earth conscious style!

The Hub's, LB and I hit up Occupy Raleigh last weekend to represent the 99%. That was pretty cool and I think it's good to expose LB to these kinds of things. We left early and didn't get arrested, so I consider it a success.


And we hit up a Jazz Concert.


I have been trying to stay busy…

Speaking of busy…I cannot wait until next weekend! I will be attending the RRCA Coaching Certification course in Arlington! I have been looking forward to this since June! In the near future I will be able to call myself a real live Running Coach!!

So what have you been up to? Oh wait, I guess I should peruse some blogs! I am so sorry for ignoring you all! You all have been so supportive and awesome these past few weeks. I truly cannot express how thankful I am for all of your thoughts, messages, prayers, and miles dedicated to my dad. My life is richer and blessed because of each and every one of you!


  1. Go for it and run the race! I have ran the Flying
    Pirate (the first half of the marathon) and the OBX half marathon (the second half of the full) and it was wonderful! The first half is beautiful! It will motivate you and inspire you to keep running.

  2. Good luck at OBX! I think you will surprise yourself and do great! :)

  3. You are sounding better! Little by little! You're going to enjoy OBX and I bet you even find a spark there!

  4. I was just thinking about you this afternoon. I bet that since you are a well-seasoned runner you will be able to finish OBX if you decide to do it. Maybe not a PR but I imagine a meaningful race nonetheless.

    It's amazing how the 'occupy' demonstrations are everywhere!

    Oh, and love the new car :)

  5. I think running OBX will be good for you to spark that fire again! You're'll find it again!

    I need to take your lead and trade in the giant SUV for a hybrid. My commute isn't as long as yours but it's a doozy!

  6. You will totally rock OBX! It should be a sure fire way to get some of your spark back for running. It's always hard to re-adjust to running after a big move even after a year...just remember to have fun!

  7. Hey, you did a Half Ironman this year!! It doesn't matter if you do the 13.1 or my book you still had a great race season.

  8. Okay, so, um, I love you. That post made me feel like a junior high girl because I wanted to draw puffy hearts all over my notebook for it.

    Loving the gas-reducing car. I don't have a hybrid, but I do drive a Honda that gets me 31mpg. Rocking that one is fun even with a little bitty Honda gas tank.

    Occupy, baby! I too consider it successful when I do not get arrested, but I appreciate those who are more willing to do so. Naomi Wolf getting arrested in an evening gown just killed me.

    And showing up to a race in your big girl pants? Well. Now you are just bragging cause you are better than everyone else. So you should brag more.

    Go get em, tiger.

  9. I'm impressed at what you've done, and whatever you decide to do about the marathon will be the best decision you can make for yourself.

  10. Congrats on the sweet new ride! I would love a hybrid - the price of gas is killing me!

    Good luck deciding on OBX!


You're pretty much awesome!!


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