Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I will KICK you.....

...and your little dog too.

Ok, just because your dog is the size of an over grown rat and hairy like Cousin It you use shampoo more expensive than my own on it, does not mean you can let it chase me for a half a mile down the road. Does it? Really?

Just because your dog weighs 12 pounds (if that) does not mean it's ok to let it be so completely disobedient that I have to help you by turning around (10 different times) and chasing him back to your driveway, just so I can turn around and continue on my run, just for him to come bite my ankles again. Seriously.

This dog was chillin' by his mailbox with his dog-mom when I ran by, minding my own business, 1/2 mile from my house. This crazy Shih tzu thought he was tough and should chase me away. I kept running since I could punt him from here to last week if I needed to. He kept at me while his adolescent dog-mom chased him around in her little, off-season, too-short dress and heels. It was quite comical now that I think about it. It went something like this:

He would chase me...

I'd turn around, face him, he'd run like a little punk toward his yard...

I'd turn around to continue my run, he chase me down, I'd turn around and face him, he'd run like a little punk....

I'd continue on....

His dog-mom the whole time chasing him around the middle of the street like a kid chasing a butterfly, trying to grab him, he'd dodge her...

He'd chase me, I'd turn, he'd run like a punk....

She'd grab, he's bolt, I'd run, he'd chase...

I'd turn, he'd punk out, she'd grab, he'd dodge...

I'd run, he'd chase, I'd turn, he'd run like punk...

She'd grab, he'd dodge, I'd run....

He'd chase, I'd turn, she'd grab, he'd dodge....

And so this went on for like 5 minutes.



The dog had to use the bathroom and when he did his thing his dog-mom, unaware of his reason for stopping, tackled him, in her flowered-y dress and heels, grabbing him and rolling around the ditch.

That was my que to go home.

End run.

How was your run?

Lazy Dog....


***I like dogs and I really wouldn't drop-kick, punt, strangle, run over, or maim a dog. I just have a problem when owners of small dogs allow them to run a muck simply because they are small and harmless. They are (sometimes) annoying and their teeth are still capable of puncturing the skin even though the are small. How about I let my 108 pound Lazy Dog do that to you, adolescent dog-mom....? I'm sure I know who would be knocking on my door later...your parents and animal control.


  1. Oh, girl, I SO FEEL YOU!!!! Just tonight, when I got home from my track workout, I clipped my dogs' leashes on them and took them out on this little back road that runs behind our house for a little jog. These jackasses that live back there have a shih-tzu and a jack russell terrier (I think?)... both unneutered, both just roam free... and they chase us EVERY TIME, yipping and snapping. Mind you, I'm running with a pit bull and an american bulldog. They could eat those little dogs alive if they wanted to. I can't stand irresponsible dog owners. Bad behavior is bad behavior, no matter how small the dog is, and it's just unacceptable.

  2. Argh! You are right on - that dog-owner's behavior is unacceptable.

    (I had my own dog run-in last week, so I feel your pain. Ugh.)

    My one word to these dog-owners is: SAFETY. (The runner's AND the dog's!) For Pete's sake, aside from the safety of the runner, your dog ain't safe running willy nilly through the streets!

  3. Totally agree with you!
    I used to be deathly scared of dogs because a dog owner let her Pomeranian chased me up the stairs. I was merely 4 or 5! I was scarred for a long long time until I met my bf in my 20s.
    Now I have a Lab mix and love it. She is still a puppy but a 55-lb puppy and sometimes, I want to let her loose and off the leash so she can chase those stupid wiener dogs that are barking up a storm and chasing after us whenever we go for a walk.
    Really, my dog can just mouth those little dogs' heads and they will be total goners.

  4. Sounds hilarious in a third party view, but I hear ya'. Hopefully dog-mom learned her lesson to have him on a leash or leave him inside!

  5. I got nearly chased by a dog while running a half marathon RACE. Now that got my heart pumping even more than it already was. And I did PR :)

  6. You are a better person than me. I would have kept running and would have added additional distance if the dog continued to pursue. Then enjoyed the fact that Miss Heels and Dress had to walk at least a half mile back carrying her pile of vermin.

  7. That's the one thing I'm scared of when running... not a person chasing me but a dog.

  8. This may sound horrible but I would kick. I don't want to get bitten! I don't kick hard, just enough to discourage the dog from latching on to me. If the owner is around, I warn them that I will kick if they can't control their dog.

  9. Oh man i've totally had that happen. I got chased by a chihuhua in a hot pink vest with a faux fur hood.

    and then another time i was chased by a miniature poodle in a sweater. His owner said oh he just likes to chase things. And i'm like yes clearly i need my run interrupted because your dog likes to chase things aka people

  10. Loose dogs are probably my least favorite thing about running. If I see their owners, I usually make some sort of snide remark about it. Whatever they say back, I rarely hear because of the headphones.

  11. I am SO with you!

    I have a Belgian Malinois, so much more reminiscent of Lazy Dog than of his tiny counterparts! And a friend of mine, who is a dog-trainer, tends to rescue Pit Bulls & Great Danes. They are the sweetest, best-trained pups -- but she still gets the craptastic comments by ignorant people... "No! You can't pet THAT dog... it's a pit bull/shepherd/etc!"
    But the SAME people will do NOTHING to train their yappy little pooches, who bite and growl at anything that moves!

    So frustrating!

    But I digress -- I'm happy to hear that you're 70% out of your self-described "hole!". We're happy to have you 'back!' :)

  12. I hate irresponsible dog owners. I got bit by a dog a few years ago and the owner refused to admit it was his so I had to get rabies shots. It was quit the ordeal.

  13. Definitely, robinbb! It's bad owners who create these kind of problems, let's not put blame on the dogs here. Can you imagine what tiny dog thinks about relieving himself, now that his silly owner grabbed him in that act? She is in for hard times, I can almost guarantee it. Let's hope she gets some behavior training so she doesn't just ditch this dog and think getting another one will somehow "fix" her problem!


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