Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hot as a Mug!

What in the world??????

Our house is pretty much unpacked and put together. We have a couple of boxes to sort through but for the most part it is completely livable. I have been pretty cranky the last couple of days and this morning when I saw The Mom run by again I decided I had to run. No more Resting or Recovering or whatever it is I have been telling myself I have been doing. I have Vegas Rock n Roll looming over head like an ominous black cloud. I can’t just wing a full marathon, a half? Maybe. Not a full. No way.

So I sat down and revamped my plan for the next six weeks and discovered that today I should do 9 miles. Great. And this weekend is 18. Oh boy.  I will be looking at the local running clubs site later to see what they have going on this weekend. Hopefully they have a long run going on….

I set out for 9 miles and as soon as I stepped out the door I knew it would be rough. It was humid and hot! It is end of October for crying out loud! I’m talking 90 degrees and air so thick I could cut it. Too much time in the Pacific North West  has spoiled me and I am not used to this kind of weather. I hit about 3 miles and my Nathan handheld was empty so I headed back to the house. I refilled and headed back out for another 4 miles. With 2.5 miles to go I was empty again. Dry. Dry a bone. It was miserable. I had to take a number of walk breaks. Mostly due to thirst and the heat and a tiny bit because I was tired.  Tomorrow I have 5 miles on the plan and I HOPE it is not so hot and humid.

Well, I have to say my running scenery is not nearly as beautiful or entertaining as it used to be. I miss my T-Town routes something terrible. I miss my running partners too. But I am trying to make the most of my situation and keep a positive attitude and an open mind. I am sure there are some great places to run around here. It just isn’t out my front door anymore…


  1. It HAS been crazy hot! Well until yesterday afternoon. We had some pretty stout thunderstorms rip through yesterday and the temp dropped FAST! My car read 78 on the way to work at 6:00 am and 58 on my lunch hour. It felt GREAT! I ran my fastest 5 miles ever last night!

  2. Love it! You back in action!

    please answer my 4 question survey on your running style as well - pretty please with sugar on top!!!

    It's here.

    I will be eternally grateful and I will post my after shots of my hairy beasts with all your lunges done to them.

  3. I can't believe it was 90 there...and it's October! What is going on with the weather?
    Good for you though for getting out there and running. I'm sorry you're missing your old routes and running partners. Hopefully you'll find some beautiful places to run soon!

  4. It's still 90 here too. yuck. where the heck is fall? who took my fall?

  5. It's actually kinda cool in Oklahoma right now..finally. Hope you find a good running group or partner soon to make it more fun for you!

  6. the weather here has taken a turn for the worse! lots of rain. today was a good day but the rain is back for the next few days. blah.

  7. good for you getting out the door. re-aclimating yourself to that heat is going to take some time. I know I couldn't do 9 in that right now!

  8. Maybe you could run to LB's school & back? Not sure how far it is, but as you know, my girls' school is not too far away, and I will run through the neighborhoods and over there coming in from the back so I can watch the playground and try to spot my girls, then back home. I can make it an easy 4 mile run, or stretch it into 6-7. It gives me a definite destination, and I'm kind of focused on getting there. Just a thought.

    Sorry its so hot there. Its been pretty nice here, although as you remember from your visit, the allergies really make it rough. I did 4.5 with my new running partner the other day and it was EASY! and fun.

    Good luck!

  9. Sorry your run wasn't great, but glad you actually did it also this should get you ready for Vegas since the weather there will be more like NC than WA. Just know everyone in WA misses you too!

  10. Great job getting back on a plan and getting a run in. Sounds TOUGH! I guess it will takr time to get used to that climate again.

  11. Oh great, and we're supposed to hit 27 tonight. You'll get used to the heat, it's the cold that never quite seems right.

  12. that weather sounds awful for october!!! it has to get better soon! you'll find the routes and running friends you are looking for soon!


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