Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I may be in trouble…

…but according to an article I came across on I may not be. I am not panicking. Yet. My running has been derailed in the last week and a half.  With my weekly mileage being hardly more than nothing I know I need to hit the road and be ready for Vegas or chance having a repeat of Portland minus the rain. At least I had the rain and the cross country move to blame at Portland. What will be my excuse in Vegas?

Oh that’s right, I wont need an excuse! I’m going to do great!

So back to the article:  4 Ways to Learn From Your Marathon Experience | 

It has some great advice and of course some of it is a little too late.

The First 24-48 Hours Matter: If you can do nothing else, crush your recovery right away to get things headed in the right direction.  Um, pretty sure driving 3000 miles the day after a marathon is not crushing my recovery.  Oops.

Stay Loose: Running right away is a no-no, but so too is becoming a wallflower. Plan on being active by walking or doing some light cycling. Follow each of these sessions with some light stretching and/or self-massage to maximize their impact. Ok, so got the not running right away thing, but the wallflower? Yeah, been that for a week and a half now.

Now, for the good news…

Run When Ready: Ideally you won’t run for about two weeks; any form of cross training is OK, but early running could hurt more than help you. Starting in week three you can begin incorporating light running. By week four you’ll be back on track and ready to go. Got it, light running after this week! I want to log a few more miles tomorrow and this weekend but nothing too crazy. So  I am taking this as a license to relax (in the not freak out about not running sense, not the become a fixture in front of the TV relax) until next week when I will have to focus again and lock into marathon mode for 6 weeks. THEN I can relax, for real!

There is some good info in the article so click the link above if you want to read more of what they say.

This morning I was in the kitchen (not sure why since we have none of our house hold goods. We are living out of our suitcases until our stuff arrives) when the Hubs ran in and told me to come out to the porch. I was cranky because I hadn’t had my coffee yet, and wouldn’t get it at all today: no coffee pot and no Starbucks anywhere near, we live in the sticks…Anyway, I came outside and expected to see a fox or a rabbit or Lazy Dog chasing a raccoon. But NO.  No, what did I see? A girl running! Running pushing a jogging stroller! The Hubs called me out to watch a girl run by. She ran out of sight and about five minutes later she ran back by. We live on a cul-de-sack so she had run down and back, twice. I watched her. I sized her up. She was skinny. She certainly had serious runner legs. She had a serious stroller. She was sweaty. I stared as she ran by somewhat envious, of what I am not exactly sure, maybe her tan. “She had a real summer. With sun.” That is what I said out loud to the Hubs. “You should go introduce yourself.” he told me. I felt shy. “She’s running. The last thing she wants is to stop and talk to me.” I was intimidated.

I’m not sure why I am feeling so… what's the word? Juvenile? That fits. I know that runners are the best peeps ever. Accepting. Encouraging.  We are probably birds of a feather. I guess I am not ready to replace my old running buddies (not that any of you could EVER be replaced RED, Mel, AN the RB). I should grow up and just go introduce myself but what if she is WAY faster than me? What if she thinks I am overboard and crazy? Since when do I care???? See? Juvenile.

Get this, we are staying at our neighbor’s house until our stuff arrives. We have known them for about 7 years now. They were here when we lived here before. The wife is a fitness buff. Literally. She is a body builder, coach and trainer. I told the Hubs last night, “Please don’t let me get sucked in to body building! Don’t let me!” While I think being strong and having muscles is totally cool and necessary,  I want a runner’s physique. She is a trainer and into the nutrition part too. When I get a chance I want to sit down with her and hash out my nutrition and diet and work out a good weight lifting routine that is good for running and leaning up. I’m pretty excited. But I am asking  all of you, my loyal RUNNING friends, if you see a slow gradual change in me and the blog inching towards body building PLEASE stage an intervention! Although fitness modeling would be totally awesome and not the same as body building, so that could be acceptable. =)


And lastly, tomorrow we are getting new carpet put in the house! I’m totally stoked!  There is so much going on these days! I am still working on getting LB back into kindergarten. They are demanding a utility bill with our address, which I totally understand but we just turned it on yesterday! How the heck can I get that soon enough? We could use our mortgage paperwork but it is with all of our other house stuff, on a truck somewhere driving across the US. Also I have to have a Dr. and a dentist. Um, sorry people. Again, just got here. It takes time to get this stuff lined up and I just want LB back in school so he doesn’t get too far behind. Thankfully I already have a couple of emergency contacts for him. That is a serious perk and a first for us when moving. Usually it takes months or years to meet people you trust.

P.S. A few of you inquired about my dad. So first of all, thanks for the thoughts and prayers. It was so great to see him! He seemed to be feeling really good! He is almost halfway through a new chemo/radiation treatment and in another 6 weeks-ish they will check out the tumor to see if it has responded to the therapy. So we pray and hope that it is shrinking so that they can surgically remove it.  Again, thanks for all your thoughts, we all appreciate it so much! Life is precious!


  1. Next time you see the jogging-stroller-momma, INTRODUCE yourself! Sometimes I wish one of my neighbours (with or without a keen running sense) would stop and introduce themelves to me mid-stroller-pushing-run! Good luck in Vegas, you will be awesome!

  2. My brother is a body builder and I think he looks pretty nasty. Veins poking out... gross. But to each their own I guess.

  3. Michelle, totally agree! I like being feminine! =)

    Joggin' Momma, I know you are right. =/ Pretty sure if someone ran out to meet me I wouldn't mind, unless I was going for time or on a time crunch. But, you are right, I'll suck it up and introduce myself.

  4. Oh I would be too nervous to introduce myself to running mama too. good luck getting re-settled.

  5. Why don't you see if she's on a schedule then go out to run when she's running and strike up a convo? Is that weird? Stalkerish? Sorry I stink at this stuff. I make friends on the internet these days! :)

  6. i'd be shy too. i'd be sizing her up too. :) we're runners. even though we're not winning every race, we're competitive. it's ok.
    i'm struggling with building some lean muscle mass - make sure to share any tips your body builder friend offers up! that is unless she says lift more and run less - don't want to hear that... good luck still settling in!

  7. Your a brave woman! Mad props! Running 2 marathons in such a short period and moving in-between... Maybe borderline crazy! I was thinking of running the Rock'n'Roll 1/2 in Vegas as a training run for my full Rock'n'Roll in Arizona. Or maybe its just an excuse to drive up to Vegas!!! I know you will do great! :)

  8. i would be too embarrased to introduce myself! She would probably look at me, laugh and say "you are no runner" and take off! In my mind she also has a weird Russian accent. But don't worry, in reality I bet she's great!

  9. Oh come on, stalk the stroller mama... hey, you probably follow her blog and don't even know it! LOL. Seriously, though, I would think she would be thrilled to know there's another runner in the hood.

  10. I think you should introduce yourself too! It's so hard finding people to run/interact with the older we get. Go for it!!

    I'm glad things with your dad are going well!

  11. Introduce yourself, she wont be able to measure up but whatev.. I am praying for your Dad :)


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