Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Frumpy Run Wednesday!

Man it feels good to be home!!! I love vacations and traveling but it just feels so good to unpack and get back on track! 18 DAYS until the Seattle Half Marathon! YIKES! I NEED to get back on track in a serious way! I am taking the pressure off of myself to hit a sub 2 hour half BUT I am still aiming for a better time than last year and hoping to do at least as good as I normally do which would put me finishing anywhere around 2:03 to 2:06. I would be happy with that. For me a PR would be 2:02.59. I might be able to hit that.

Today I hit the road for my 5 mile run. The sun was shining! It was amazing and nearly unheard of around here this time of year. I was catching up on some work and missed TV shows when I decided to head out. I didn't feel like getting all geared out so I hit the streets with my sweat pants, which I NEVER do and a hoodie sweat shirt, which I rarely do. It was funny compared to my usual decked out self with running gear! I just wanted to run. I wanted to run at home in my town. I wanted to see familiar streets and homes. I just wanted to zone out and have me time. I wanted to clear my head and just run. I didn't want to care about my time or my pace. I wanted to run until I got tired.

Stats for today's run:
Mile 1: 9:11.02
Mile 2: 9:08.72
Mile 3: 9:38.46
Mile 4: 9:47.3
Mile 5: 9:34.11

Not my best run but not bad either. It is certainly better than not running. I guess tomorrow I will hit up a hill for some hill repeats, since I am a believer in interval training. I have seen how it improves my times!

Today I am grateful for:
Veterans and their families.
Good hair days!
Awesome friends!

18 DAYS!

Run Happy Peeps!


  1. 18 days! Wish I was running it with you..if only I had endless amounts of money!!! UGH!

    Welcome home.. Your turn to ask for a date..hehe

  2. Holy cow, dude. 18 days. OK. Now I'm nervous.

  3. Welcome home! Great post, and only 18 days!! Wow! Love your attitude! :-) Let's hear it for stepping out of the norm...


  4. 18 days! OMG so exciting. Great job on the run and good luck on the hills! Welcome Back!!!

  5. Glad your back and hope you had a fabulous vacation!!
    The countdown is on, so exciting - you will be great, no worries!!!

  6. Hey there, I definitely we should meet up before Seattle! Let's coordinate!

  7. Welcome home!

    I also find one of the best things of a vacation is coming home. Your report of your run is so enthousiastic today!

    Nice to have you back!

  8. New follower :)

    well, now it's less than 18 days away, but that's a good thing. I'm actually bummed that the race isn't on the 22nd because I totally would have ran in it.

    Anyway, I might be down for a long-distance run on that day. I just have to get the stuff Mel suggested since cold to me is in the low 60s :) What can I say? I'm a SoCal guy. Lemme know if you want to guide a newcomer on a long-distance run.


You're pretty much awesome!!


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