Saturday, November 28, 2009

Aim High, All or Nothing...The Death March

Well, there it was...staring me in the face as I looked at my bib last night.

I had to put down a goal time. Hmmm...I thought about it for about 2 min then I went ahead and put my goal time of 1:59.59. After all that IS my goal. I am nervous about putting that out there because I have doubts that it will happen. It hasn't happened yet, not on flat courses and not on a little bit hilly courses, and certainly NOT on the Seattle course. I am not giving up on that goal but I am prepared to not accomplish it. Is that strange? Should I be willing to go out there this morning is completely kill myself? Should I be of the mindset that if I don't get this sub 2 time and I CAN walk to the car I did not give it my best? Is it the guts to give it my all that separates the men from the boys? Have I given my all in a half yet? We will see what this race holds....

Plan A: 1:59.59
Plan B: 2:05.59
Plan C: Finish sub 2:23.12
Plan D: Finish.

I think I can accomplish at least one of these goals!

Here's to a good running day!

I'll be back for a full race report later!

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  1. Great plan. I always make a scale of goals too. You know you are going to suprise yourself!! It's a great day for a run!!

    Rn Strong.

  2. Good luck with your race!!


  3. Looking outside and NO RAIN!! Sending Speedy vibes as you are probably now more than half way through. I am going to be a stalker and text you at 9:30 to see how it went. YOu are lucky you are running 13.1 and burning calories. I gained soooo much weight this weekend YUCK!!

  4. Keeping my fingers crossed today for your sub-2!!! Good luck!

  5. Either you're still running now or you're finished. Anyway better late than never: best of luck!

    I'm looking forward to your report.

  6. Can't wait to read your race report. You go girl!!!

  7. I certainly hope you do well. Although I am not a fan of putting a goal time on a bib or anywhere else other than a blog.

  8. I hope you did well! I can't wait to read your race report.

  9. Well it's 4:27 pm here in Orlando, which means 1:27 your time, which means you reached one of your goals by now. Waiting anxiously to hear which one????


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