Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Vacation run #3

Viva Las Vegas!

We arrived in Vegas on Thursday evening. The Hubs and I checked in to My Aunts House (awesome casino that is strangely like home!), visited for a while, got my Little Buddy tucked into bed, got dressed up and hit the town! We met up with some friends for (a long) dinner and by the time we were all done I was tired. We considered hitting the strip for a night out but I said, "Wow, I know I am lame but I am tired. And I really need to run in the morning. Lets go home." THAT is how I know I am at least kind of a runner! I passed up a night in Vegas, while wearing heels and tight blue dress, so I could get up in the morning and run! So our first night in Vegas we were home by midnight!

This is my Friday morning run....on the outskirts of Vegas on a hot and dry morning! Boy was it dry! I was so thirsty as soon as I started! I had some terrible Desert Garmin Gremlins because my watch had me running at 11 mph at one time! It clocked my first mile at 6:34. YEAH RIGHT. But in all it was an OK 2.5 mile run. Yep, only 2.5 miles. But hey, I was on vacation in VEGAS and had a rehearsal and luncheon at noon. I didn't have time for a good long run!

After my run I so wanted to jump in my Aunt's pool! It was a little cool. They have turned off the heater and settled in for winter, even though the temperatures were about what we see here in the summer! I thought it was summer!

Vacation really puts a kink in training! I think I am going to really struggle to hit my sub 2 hour half goal here at the end of this month. I just haven't been training like I should. But I guess my vacation was well worth it! We had a great time!

Today I am grateful for:
A wonderful trip with my family!
My aunt, uncle, cousin and my mom who all took care of my Little Buddy so The Hubs and I could have a great time in Vegas sans Little Buddy!
Celebrating 6 years of marriage Vegas Style.

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  1. You are DEDICATED! The Running God should reward you with a PR for sure..

    Hugs to babysitters.

    There is a Fleet Feet Diva night this week...Wish you were in town.

    I am so torn on my Marathon plans. I am sorta leaning toward Eugene to check off another state..

  2. Fun! When I go to Vegas I always end up on the Hotel's treadmill. Feel safe - Vegas is such a big city now.
    We could us some of that dry weather here!
    : )

  3. nice job getting all your runs in during vacation! That Vegas run sounds very HOT, I ran once in the Florida Keyes, and it felt like an oven!

  4. You're truly a runner! Going to bed early so you can run.

    I had to laugh because we have to visit friends next Saturday and I said to the hubs: I won't drink too much and we don't go home too late because I want to run on Sunday :lol:

    It's great to hear from you and that you're having such a great time. It really looks hot on your run.

  5. Running on vacation period makes you a runner! I LOVE vacation runs, because they are new!

    How fun! :)

  6. I prefer dry Vegas over dry Utah. You win hands down!

  7. Great pictures! Garmin gremlins attacked ya, huh? I hate it when that happens...it gets my hopes up that I actually ran 11mph (heh heh). :)
    Congrats on 6 years!


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