Monday, March 28, 2016

Then and Now....

....there is a big difference, I mean a BIG difference. When is then you ask? And what is different?

Well I looked at the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon web site just to check in and see if there was any news and right there in front of my face it was practically yelling at me, "26 days 15 hours 47 minutes Until Race Day"

Umm.....yikes? Wow, so I have dropped the ball on my training. I've only done a long run of 5 miles and had lots of walking in there with that. So there is a HUGE difference in my training and conditioning between then, my glory days of running (2008-2011) and now. I used to be in 13.1 condition at all times. Those days are long gone....and here I am, fretting over a 13.1.

I did the math and walking a brisk 4 miles per hour I would finish in 3:25. If I sprinkle in some running then I could come in just under 3 hours. If I jog and sprinkle in some walking I think a 2:20 is reasonable. I could do a run/walk and break it up 5 min run, 1 min walk. I could run one mile walk .25 mile, I could run until I'm tired then walk until I'm many options for a plan.

So I will be considering my Race Day Plan as I amp up my training. Now that the CrossFit open is over (which I have to tell you all about 16.5 and the end of the open) I can focus the next 26 days on my half marathon training. We will see just how much training I can get, how prepared I can become, in 26 days. It will be a challenge and I do not recommend training for a half in such a way. But for the record I have been active; I am by no means a couch to 13.1 situation. i know I can cover the distance but I am not sure I can do it in less than 2:20.

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