Friday, June 14, 2013

Color Me Happy...

There's a Race Pile here for two!

It's pretty cool that LB has his own Race Pile tonight!  My Race Piles have been pretty lonely lately.

Have you ever done a color run? I've seen jillions of pictures of these seemingly fun races but as I sit here on the eve of my first color run I am wondering if it is such a good idea. Of course LB is pumped about "getting blasted" by colors and his plan is to come to the end with no uncolored skin showing. I'm sure he will have no problem with that. My plan is to not choke on the color dust, not get it in my eyes to irritate my contacts, and not lose him in the crowd (i.e. keep up with him).

I have to say I'm pretty excited that LB is getting more interested in racing, even if I did have to con him into it with this color run. We've been training together; running around the neighbor(ing)hood. I felt pretty bad since he was running in his skater shoes and tripping all over the place. His footsteps sounded like elephants. So we hit up Dick's and he picked out some super fast shoes...Of course he had to try them out.

I did do our local Army 10 Miler. I quickly remembered why I didn't do it last year. It was hot and humid and the course was less than entertaining. It wasn't my best run either. Truth be told I'm certain it was a Personal Worst for the 10 Miler. But at least I got to see my friends A and Heezie before they pack up and move back to the PNW....sigh.....

I've been back in the pool too. Man how I have missed that. My first swim I knocked out 1200 meters. The second day I hit 1500 meters with 25m and 50 meter sprints. It feels so good and I want to go every single morning.

I've met a couple of people who are training for tris and may have a biking partner...if I stop being a chicken and just get on the stupid bike. I traded my Altima in for an more excuses, the bike will fit in this sucker, or on top, or on the bike way around it. I will be biking.

LB, New Car, NC Sunset, and Basket of Herbs.....
And in my spare time I've been working in my garden....and I grew the BIGGEST zucchini this side of the Mississippi!! Ok ok, I know...I've seen bigger too but this is the biggest I have ever grown and don't steal my thunder. I am proud!


It's HUGE! 
There you have it. One week into summer and things are off with a BANG! I've got more pool time, races, beach trips, and zucchinis in the very near future! Now all I have to do is keep up with the blog! 

Happy Summer!! 


  1. Love that you race with your son! You guys will have a blast :-)

  2. Looking so happy this mom and sun.. nice friend each other.. curry on it


You're pretty much awesome!!


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