Sunday, May 5, 2013

Run Naked...

I ran naked in no Garmin. Totally forgot it at home.

I sometimes always run faster when I leave the Garmin behind. I got my 5k and 10K PR's when I ran naked. Running is so mental and I know I am a weakstick when it comes to running and pace. If I look at my Garmin and see a 7:50 min/mile pace I freak out and slow down. Even if I'm feeling good. But I'm a stats geek and love to have the stats from all my runs, even if it makes me run slower.

So remember the marathon relay I mentioned in the last post? The one where we discovered AFTER registering that it would be 16 laps of 1.67 miles? Yeah...I was pretty worried about it but it turned out to be really cool. The "lap" was a trail through the trees with many twists and turns and ups and downs. It didn't get boring or old at all. We decided to switch off every lap. I'm not sure if that was the best idea but it seemed like a good one at the time. My first 5 laps were pretty great but by the start of my 5th lap I was getting pretty tight. I was able to hold off any one passing me except for maybe a couple of dudes. I felt like I was running pretty good when all of a sudden a chick flew by me. It ticked me off...she was blazing. Fast. Like I wanted to yell at her, "Only you can stop forrest fires!" But she was too fast and wouldn't have heard me. She was on a team of 4 and her team ended up finishing the marathon in 2:58 with an overall 6:48 min/mile pace. They were sick (in the nicest complimentary way)! She passed me and I had to let her go...It made me mad.

Running these laps reminded me of my cross-country days when we would do mile sprint repeats on a dirt road we called "The Hill" (it was a mile long). I remember one day in particular when I went home so mad because we had run 14 miles in one day. I thought that was torture. Absurd! Abuse! We had to run two miles to The Hill and then did 5 mile sprints with a recovery jog back to the bottom of the hill just to sprint it again. Then we had to run back to school. Those were the days. And Saturday's relay was much the same.

8 times I ran that loop. 8 times I could not wait to give the stupid baton to my teammate so I could go sit down. While I sat down and recovered the blazing fast team of crazy fast girls were running back and forth, jogging and staying warm. Not getting tighter and me. I knew they had the right idea but I didn't care.

In the end me and my teammate won the Female 2 Runner Division! We were super happy with our performance!

Got our 1st Place Mugs!
So the 16 laps weren't so bad...thankfully the trail and scenery were enjoyable. I am so sore today and I'm pretty sure it's from sitting around between laps. I tried to stretch but I didn't stay lose. I almost want to say I am sorer than I have ever been. I'm so sore that the thought of my Sunday night hot yoga actually makes me hurt worse. My calves and hips and hamstrings and my knee and my back hurt.  In fact, I think I'll go back to bed right now....
And of course the Signature Pose....


  1. Hey I was there! I did that race and saw you guys. Ya'll were pretty darn fast yourselves but I know the girls you were talking about, I spotted them in the parking lot and recognized one of them from her blog :). We were a (much) slower group of 4 and I was (nearly) the slowest of my team but though it was a pretty okay race. Congrats on a great race and your win! :)

    1. Hey!! Super cool! I'm glad you found my blog! What is the other blog of the other girl? I'd love to stalk her out... =)

      It sure was a fun race wasn't it!?

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    2. It's pretty cool to see peeps that live in my google reader IRL, even if I don't realize it until after the fact.

      Here's Fast Girl -

      Happy running :)

    3. Hey this is pretty cool! Suddenly there are all these cool runs in Fayetteville (im assuming) now that I'm gone! :D

  2. I really need to work on a signature pose...

  3. Wow I love loop courses (my fastest marathon was on a double loop course) but that is some serious looping! I guess the good thing is you are never far from help if needed? Great work!

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  5. WOW congrats! Sounds painful but great. Love the sig pose. Miss you.., text a pal every now and then would ya??

    Hugs Mel

  6. My best races have always been naked.. even though we love those things there is freedom without. Congrats!

  7. This post made me smile. I always enjoy how real you come across. Congrats on a great relay! I did a looped 5k course once and didn't enjoy it much. I prefer point to point or out and back courses just because I like change of scenery. One reason I love running ...get to take a tour of new places the way most never will. :-) however one advantage of a loop course would be getting to know the tangets well...which is something I stink at! My 26.2 turned into 26.49 lol anyways sorry about the storybook long comment! Congrats again lady!!

  8. Congrats on 1st place, that is fantastic!!! One day I want to run a relay as well, seems fun to run a race as a team!

  9. Nice run and congratulations! Relay is not simple that's why I am really amazed. You are now my inspiration because I really want to join a challenging running event but I think my current state will not allow it. I still need to do a lot of serious preparation for this kind of event. Keep up the good work and stay healthy!

  10. Hey! Saw your blog today. Run Naked. Great theme. That's the title of my blog! Yes, forgetting the Garmin feels pretty exposing! I agree! But it's also so awesome to run without that stuff. Anyway, I enjoyed the post. Check mine out if you want... Keep running!! Clark.


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