Friday, July 27, 2012

Five Types of Cardio That Don't Involve the Treadmill or Elliptical

It's summer. It's HOT as heck...It's beautiful weather outside. We need to get our heart rates up but how without suffering a heat stroke or heading INSIDE to the dreadmill or elliptical? Here are my Top 5 most favorite ways to work out without going indoors or running.

1. Swimming-Even just playing around in the pool can get your heart rate up. While hanging out in the pool for fun you can do many things that don't even come off as working out, your friends will never know! Try standing in place and doing high knees, jumping jax legs, or flutter kicks while lounging on the wall or sitting on the stairs. Another fav is to stand in chest-deep water with your arms straight out, palm in as you pull the water, keeping arms straight and them palms out as you push the water away. This works your chest, back, biceps and tris!

Swimming, not drowning
2. Riding a Bike-Hop on your bike with your kiddos, friends, or solo and just cruise around. Change it up going fast and slow for some interval work. I like to keep it in a low gear to maximize the time while going a bit slower with LB. We like to race up hills, which is a great way to get the heart rate up.

3. Razor Scootering-Sometimes I don't feel like getting my bike off the hooks or airing up the tires so another favorite is to get out the ole Razor Skooter. Let me tell you, you'll begin to feel the burn after a while. Not only are you using your legs you are engaging your core and back to stabilize you as you cruise along. Plus it's just fun....And if you are so inclined skateboarding can be a fun challenge as well.

4. Jumping on a Trampoline-Sometimes it's fun to act like a kid. I love to get on the trampoline and show my mad flip skillz to LB. The jumping is more like play than work and before you know it half an hour has gone by and your heart rate is soaring.

5. Frisbee-This is fun AND a workout, especially if you play with someone who can't really throw accurately. You'll be running all over the place to catch it. These sprints are an excellent interval workout that is killer for burning fat! Don't worry, if your partner prefers a football that's cool too. The point it to chase an object flying through the air back and forth really fast.

So there you have it....working out while at play! So grab a frisbee or jump in the pool! Exercise doesn't always have to be work!


  1. I just got back from a rollerblade trip, doing the traditional skating as fast as I can, then pushing my legs in and out to propel myself (not very fast), but it works hips and thigh area. All in all, a great workout!

  2. Amen! My kid and I love play! It's the original form of exercise!

  3. Our nieces have a huge trampoline! I LOVE jumping on it and it totally is a great workout!

  4. I love this. I like to try and have active fun with my daughter. We like to walk, run, bike, swim, etc. I think my favorite is hiking!

  5. Great list!! And perfect for combining family fun and working out! To birds with one stone :)

  6. Thanks for the tips!!!! I still haven't been able to get myself back into running but I have been looking for alternate things.


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