Monday, October 22, 2012

A Trail Race????

I'm going to go ahead and say my's been nice knowing you all.

Ok, a bit dramatic I am sure but really, a trail race? Not just an easy short one but a 10 MILE one. What am I thinking? Well I'll tell you what I am thinking...pumpkin pie...Mmmmm....

I have been forced into registering for the Raven Rock Rumble on November 17. I have some time to train so maybe I wont die. But then again maybe I will. Who knows? I'm actually excited to do this race, but not so excited about the pain I know I will endure. My last trail run was a month or so ago with Liz. The trail was very compact and not very technical at all. Then over a year ago I did a trail run during a sprint triathlon at a distance of 5k. It was awesome,raining,  muddy, and fun. I was, however, super sore afterwards. Before that I did a 9 mile trail run with J-Ninja and fell twice within the first half mile. It was sandy and rough. And no, I am not clumsy at all....Ahem....

So needless to say this 10 mile trail race will be interesting and I hope I don't break my leg or my foot or my ankle or my neck...or end up in a body cast.

This trail is not exactly smooth, compact or gravel. It is stoney, up and down, and what I would call a technical trail. It is not quite as technical as the mountain trail I ran on Mt. Rainier one year, where I was either going to fall 50 feet to my death into a roaring river or get eaten by a bear staring at me from 3 feet away. That was a trail race....But this one is not going to be easy. Fun? Yes. Easy? No.

J-Ninja pointed out that this is very uncharacteristic of me, to play it safe and not jump on the opportunity to punish myself in a race I am not prepared for.  Since when am I not up for a challenge? I guess since Big Sur really. Injuring my knee was a wake up call and I didn't like it. And then in Virginia Beach where I was prepared for neither the distance nor the humidity and my confidence was shattered. For the first time in four years I am not walking around, at any given point, half-marathon ready. And I don't like it, not one bit. So what am I going to do about it? I am smart enough to know that if I don't like something it is up to me to change it. No one can do it for I am ready to get back into shape. Into the condition where I was so that on any given weekend I can up and race Amanda Style know, last minute registrations and races.

So LB, Lazy Dog and I actually hit up Raven Rock trail a few weeks ago for a hike.  After just the 5 mile loop I was done for...tired. Exhausted.

Here are some pictures of the trail...and other random shots:

LB, Lazy Dog and me...LB doesn't usually sit in the front.
Only when Lazy Dog takes up the entire back seat.

Bridges and rivers...Fun.

I am certain we will not be balancing across fallen least I hope not!

I may remember this tree so I can crawl in and cry.

Just walking along...

Oh boy.....

Don't do it!!!


  1. The nice things about trails is you don't have to race it. Just enjoy and go with a pace you like. GOOD LUCK!!

  2. What I love about a trail run/race is that it gives you a good excuse to slow down. Everyone slows down. And you get muddy! And dirty! It's like being a kid again. Plus it's totally acceptable to walk hills. How much better than that can it get?
    You'll do fine. You'll have a blast.
    P.S. Love the pics.

  3. Please be careful! A trail race is what exacerbated my ankle injury last year - I would hate for you to screw up your knee!!

    Otherwise... man do I miss trails. I have been "not allowed" to run them since last June and miss the scenery.

  4. Looks beautiful! LB is such a cutie! Have fun

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  6. I think that it is great that you are trying different things and It can help you to know how you are doing that category.


You're pretty much awesome!!


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