Sunday, November 4, 2012


It is no secret that I have been using Yurbuds for the past 2 years. I  have been loyal to them and not found a single thing that can compare.  So of course I was beyond thrilled when I was given the opportunity to host a Yurbuds party where I could share the amazing earbuds with my friends!

I invited my running friends and of course they were excited to come...any excuse to party, even if they were instructed to dress for fitness. A few were skeptical and had their favorite over-the-ear type headphones because "they are the only ones that wont fall out". Well, I used to be that way too until I tried Yurbuds. Before earphones would never stay in my ear, not even sitting still on a stupid airplane. But the Yurbuds, with their patented twist locking technology and FlexSoft comfort fit stay put! That's right, they don't fall out. Not while sitting on an airplane and not while running a marathon in the pouring rain, for 4 hours and 32 minutes. Portland Marathon on 10/10/10 to be exact, where it poured like 6 inches of rain during the entire race. They did not slip, slide, or fall out.

As a matter of fact my friends and I put these babies to the ultimate test. My running buddies were given their Yurbuds Goodie Box....

Just call him Vana.

And then, we put them to the test. First was the trampoline test:

Not a single Yurbuds casualty. They stayed in place!

Next we did some burpees and jumping jacks:

Look at the form!! Impressive!
The Yurbuds again stayed in place....until Lazy Dog ran by and got his face through the headphones wire and yanked the earbuds clear out of J-Ninja's ears....the silicone Yurbuds, however....stayed in place, right there in her ear! So while the actual headphones came out the silicone piece stayed! Now that was impressive. 

We tried some yoga poses:

And again the Yurbuds held up to the test!

Finally we headed out for our run:

I was happy to hear that everyone was pleased with their Yurbuds! Even the two who were a tough sale! Both were surprised that the Yurbuds stayed in their "special" ears. I accredit this to the fact that these Inspire For Women Yurbuds were specifically designed for women. For our dainty, special, hard-to-please ears. These aren't for just any dude ears, they are for our special ears. Finally something made just for US that is beyond making it pink and calling it specially made for women!

I asked each of my guests to rate the Yurbuds on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being "I am going to throw these out the window on my way home!" and 10 being "I want to marry them!" The lowest score received was an 8 due to the sound being a "bit muffled". Two guests gave "an 8/9".  The others gave a firm 9 while I gave a score of 10. Yes, I'd like to marry my Yurbuds. Forever. And ever...I never want to run without them.   

I'd say that is a pretty darned good score!

So if you are in the market for some amazing, run-changing headphones you can find them at Target retailing for $29.99!  And they come in 6 different colors! You wont regret your purchase!

***And just and FYI,  I was provided the Yurbuds Inspire for Women earphones and gift boxes free of charge.  I must say, however, the opinions in this post are solely my own and that of my running friends who were asked to participate. 


  1. Now THAT is what I call a party!

    If I ever get back to listening to music while I run or workout, I'll certainly be checking the yurbuds out.

  2. I'll have to try some ear buds fall out occasionally too...on a totally separate note...I have decided to write a series of blog posts about being thankful..for the month of November...I am trying to start a "Count your many blessings" movement within the blogging community...I will post on Sunday the 4th for Nov. 1-4 then next week 5-11 and so on...are ya with me? Pass it along either way, blessings and hugs! Link back to me if you could..and thanks

  3. The ones at Target... are they one size fits all? When I ordered my Yurbuds a couple of years ago, I had to take a picture of my ear and send to them. You don't have to do anything like that with these?

    1. Hi Pam! I was wondering the same thing when I got the boxes. Like you I had to put a quarter up to my ear and email the picture to them. With these though you don't have to do that. In each package there are two sizes a small and little bit larger size. So no one at the party had any trouble with having a proper fit! =)

  4. I LOVE yurbuds! Every other pair of earbuds I owned would fall out or hurt after a while. I actually forgot I had Yurbuds in one day and was startled when I pushed my hair back and felt them still in my ears!

  5. I just recently found yurbuds and I love them! I only wish I had found them sooner. Great for staying in place and for blocking out the noise in the gym!


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