Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Just in time for the holidays! This time of year is always rough...Trick-or-Treating brings in buckets full of candy that I must use my super powers to resist. And who can say no to candy corn? Not me...Then we have pumpkin and pecan pies and all the other delicious Thanksgiving stuff. Once we survive that food coma we roll into Christmas with fudge and other baked goods. Then...then we step on the scale and pretend to be shocked at the 10 pounds that somehow just fell onto our backsides. Ok, ok. I shouldn't say "our" I really mean ME and MY. Maybe I am the only one who suffers from Fall-a-fat-a-gain-a-sisits?

So what is my plan? I have done really well up to this point keeping my Bridesmaid Challenge Loss off (10 pounds in all). I am determined to keep it off through the holidays.

After thinking about it....and thinking some more...

...and thinking so hard I gave myself a headache...I have devised a plan to help me keep it all in check and the damage to a minimum. I am leaving the country. Heading to a world where there is no sugar....


I wish though. If I could just board a plane this weekend and head for the jungles of Thailand or even the beginning of the Appalachian Trail  and return on January 2, 2013 that would be awesome.  But it will never happen. So instead I must exercise self-control and say no to all the delicious chocolate and candy. I have to keep my portions reasonable. I have to make a decision with each temptation: Will this be worth it? My goal is to maintain my current body shape/size/weight until the end of the year. I think that is reasonable, realistic, and possible.

I also plan to keep running, or at least pick up the running. I have a number of fall races staring me in the face. Some are on the same day and I must decide which I will do. I also have a doctor's appointment in the morning for my knee. I'm hoping all is well and there will be no need for surgical intervention. I haven't been in much pain but I have cut my weekly milage by about 85%. With that being said, the one race that is no longer on my fall calendar is OBX 26.2. For the second year in a row I will not be toeing the line at the Outer Banks Marathon. I am only slightly bummed but really I am at peace knowing it is the right decision. I am not ready for this race and I don't want to end up in worse shape because my pride was too big.

So anyone else starting to devise their Holiday Damage Control Plan?  Who wants to leave the country with me??? And who knows of a place where sugar does not exist?


  1. God I love candy corn. So here is my plan. I started last Sunday. No sweets or alcohol. That is how I always lose weight.

    I can indulge (just a bit) on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day but that is it.

    I am starting marathon training November 12, so that should help shed some pounds.

    1. You are so right! If I cut sweets I'd lose 10 pounds. That's what i did to fit my bridesmaid dress....but it is OH SO GOOOD!!!! =)

      Good luck with your marathon training! Just in the knick of time through the holidays is always a bonus!!

  2. I'm using one of those websites that lets you set a goal and if you don't reach the goal, you lose money to a charity you don't support! I'm trying to shed some lbs so I will be in tip-top shape to (hopefully) tackle my first FULL marathon in 2013!

    1. Oh yeah! I've heard of those!! That is so cool!! Good luck with your goal!! And good luck with your full marathon! I'm sure you'll do great!! It's so exciting!!

  3. I had a great advise. You can eat candies but you have to make sure to burn all those calories later. I took it and it was worth it because I didn't get fat.


You're pretty much awesome!!


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