Monday, December 26, 2011

Tis the Season....

It's hard to believe Christmas is now behind us. Just like every year past, the day after Christmas leaves me in a sort of Holiday Hangover of fun and memories. When I was a kid I was in this Hangover for a good week following Christmas. Now the Hangover includes stepping on toy pieces, boxes, scattered bows, and witnessing LB in chaos and a sort of desperation to get from toy to toy...I love it.

I have also found myself in the crossfire of a Nerf War....


I don't really think it's necessary to recap every single gift I received this year, but I am just dying to share one in particular. Of everything I received this one gift was perfect. If it was my only gift I would have been happy. My mom sent it to me, actually my mom made it....

...using my dad's shirts she cut out the quilt squares and made me a quilt! The perfect Christmas gift!


I love it! I recognize each shirt and it brings so many memories to my mind.

How has your Christmas holiday? Dodging any Nerf bullets? Testing out new gear? Or heading out to spend those gift cards?

Are you working on your 2012 Race Schedules and Goals? I am excited to get mine finished up and posted! I'm also excited to see if any of you all will be doing some of the same races! 

Will any of you be in the area for New Year's? We are planning a Football game, cookout and New Year's celebration! 


  1. I love the quilt, especially since it was made using your dad's shirts. That is a very special gift. I am working on one right now for my boyfriend as a late Christmas present. This is a gift that is definitely made with love.

    I will be posting my 2012 goals soon... :)

    Hope the remaining 2011 will be good. And that 2012 brings you a lot more good stuff!

  2. Aw, i love that quilt gift! When my dad died (i was 21), i kept some of his clothing and things in a hope chest. And as the years have gone by and i've become a grown up with kids and a house, that chest has moved to the garage and now has stuff stacked on it, etc. I think your quilt is great! Glad you had a good Christmas.

  3. I certainly hope you do not become a casualty of Nerf War!

  4. nerf war here as well. love the quilt. what a treasure! I am having a hard time seeing the future...need a hug I think.

  5. Yup my big races are already scheduled - hopefully Im ready... I am 3 weeks post baby and am just starting to restart VERY slowly.

    I posted my race plans here...

  6. The quilt is awesome. I'd love to have one made with race shirts, because I cannot wear them all. Goals are being made. Can't wait to hear yours!!

  7. Awe, what a sweet mom...that's such a great gift!

  8. That's a very special quilt! You have a very thoughtful Mom.

  9. Any chance you will be flying to Germany and running the berlin marathon??? :)

    I love that gift your mom made. That is just precious.

  10. My mom also made me a similar quilt after my dad passed away - a very cherished gift!

  11. When life's a Nerf war you gotta become Nerf war. The quilt is brilliant. My mom recently took one of my dad's old bowling patches and put it on a bowling shirt for me. Since I still bowl with his bowling balls that have the initials we share, it was pretty much the perfect gift.


You're pretty much awesome!!


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