Friday, December 16, 2011

Ryan's Reindeer 5k

No pressure...

Tomorrow is the 5k that I did last year and it holds my current 5k PR. Am I expecting a PR tomorrow? Eeeeesh....To be honest I'm not feeling it. It is 12:05  AM and I am blogging, not sleeping. Not exactly my idea of a decent pre-race nightly routine. In fact, check out my "Race Pile":

It's a mess, even by my standards. This is a true pile....


If you have been following me for a while then you know my piles are usually at least a little bit of a controlled chaos. Here are a few of my previous piles for comparison:

254973_214533765244569_195618007136145_663857_3841945_n.jpg 258635_224541060910506_195618007136145_700182_1829135_o.jpg 271144_230487500315862_195618007136145_723177_5212205_n.jpg

But not tonight, my pile is a mess. It may reflect my inner feelings surrounding this race tomorrow. Don't get me wrong, I am excited and I think it will be fun but I am not putting any pressure on myself to perform, to get another PR. I plan to show up and run. Have a good time. My pacer, Heezie, wont be there tomorrow so I'm completely on my own. Truth be told I'm not sure if I can push myself to another PR. Not to mention this course is kind of tough. It has a good, or bad, uphill that has the potential to kill you off in the first half mile. If I can just make it up that hill......

I am debating on whether or not to ditch my Garmin for tomorrow. I am certain that had I been wearing my Garmin during my 10k I would have psyched myself out when I saw my sub 8 min/mile pace and slowed myself down. It felt good to run by feeling and to feel my body pushing the limit. It felt good to teeter on the edge of run-till-I-puke. I am still a stats freak and need the stats, but I can get them without wearing my Garmin by using my iPhone in my arm band and the iMapMyRun app. It worked well for me last time.

Another random thing about tomorrow's run is that I am on call for work. This is weird and new to me. I have to have the crisis on-call phone with me and I cannot miss a call. So I will be running with an old school cell phone. Great. And what if it rings? Yeah, hi, what's your crisis? Oh ok, let me finish this last mile and I'll get right back to you.....What do people do when they are on call? Not race? I mean obviously I wouldn't be on call during a marathon or a triathlon but I figured a 5k was safe. Right?  Let's hope.....

And finally, I went and picked up my medal for my Third Place Age Group finish!!! Check out the newest addition to my bling!! My first 10k Medal!!! And it says Winner!? Maybe they gave me the wrong medal, it should say third place winner but whatever, I'll take it.


How about you? What have I missed the past 10 days? I can't wait to catch up tomorrow afternoon!


  1. Well if you are called when you are on call, you will just have to run really really fast to the finish line. That might help secure another PR. :)

  2. I would say leave the Garmin at home. You're going to do great!! Love the new bling!

  3. People shower when they're on call, right? And it won't take you any longer to run this 5K than it takes most people to shower, so there you go! If you miss a call, tell them you were in the shower! haha

    I wish I were ballsy enough to race without a Garmin. I ran 5 miles Thursday night at a pace 15 sec/mile faster than I ever have before, and I think it's because it was dark and I couldn't always see my pace.

    Hope you're running your butt off this morning!

  4. Leave the Garmin at home - unless you can stuff it somewhere that you won't constantly be checking it out.

    Have fun and a pile, even a messy pile is fine . . .as long as everything you need it there! Have fun!

  5. cool medal! and i already saw the pr post so i already know you rocked this! way to go!

  6. Clearly you underestimate yourself.. you rock sister and I KNOW that you can push yourself. You have proven it over and over..

    HUGS!! Glad you like the book..


You're pretty much awesome!!


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