Sunday, December 19, 2010

On the toad again…

…oops. Did I say toad? I meant road! Really, we are on the road, heading to see the fam in OK! 

So this is a good time to answer a few questions! Marlene, my favorite Canadian, over at Mission to A(nother) Marathon tagged me!  Thanks Marlene!!! I needed something positive to blog about since I have been so grumpy and grinchy lately. Did I mention all of our Christmas decorations got lost in the move? Yeah, it did. Bah Humbug…So, see? I needed a holiday pick-me-up!

What are you most proud of accomplishing in 2010?

Wow, what a good question. I have accomplished A LOT in 2010. For starters, I survived. This was one tough year…I managed to find strength to get out of bed through a lot of rough times from losing a pregnancy in Dec/Jan (yeah, never blogged about that one, I wasn’t ready until this exact moment), the hub’s deployment on Jan.2, 2010…ups and downs with that, my dad’s Pancreatic cancer diagnosis…all of it TOUGH. And I held it together and ran my FIRST marathon in April 2010!!! And then TWO more!!

What are your running goals for 2011?

Keep running. Ok, aside from that I plan to increase speed and set new PR’s in whatever distance I want. I want to do a half Ironman in FL this summer and roll into a sub 4 in the OBX marathon in November. That’s it, no biggie…nothing too ambitious.

What was your favorite race?

Hands down OKC Memorial Marathon. Having my family there was so special! And Jessica made the trek from WA to OK just for ME!!! And the crowd was more than amazing! It was a magical first marathon and I felt like I was floating the entire time! It was a dream!

IMG_8203Ok Trip April 2010 024Ok Trip April 2010 025

What is your favorite holiday guilty pleasure?

FUDGE and a close second is Egg Nog Bread. If you are interested in the recipe I’ll be more than happy to share. It is DELISH.

What is your most embarrassing running moment?

Hm,I can’t think of anything. Actually, I remember this one time, in the Green River Marathon I did with Tall Mom and RED and and AN the RB. I was running it as a half relay. Anyway, around mile 4 I had to go poop. Yep. It happens. Not fun, not cool, not ideal. But it is natural and it happens. I was running with Tall Mom and told her I had stop make a pit stop. She said she would wait. I knew it would not be a good idea on her part. I told her to go ahead because I had to poop. So she ran on and I jumped in the ONE and ONLY Honey Bucket. A line developed and I was not finished. I did what any considerate runner would do. I came out and ran to the back of the line that was now about 4 people long. Everyone new I had a hung jumper, a dingle berry.  When The Hubs later asked me why I came out I told him “I couldn’t just sit there for 5 minutes while their race clock is ticking on.”

And now I am supposed to tag five people. I tag:

Breaking Pace

The Hungry Runner Girl

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Silly Kristal Runs a Marathon

 Blonde Ponytail

Well, back to the road…


  1. I fear having to go to the bathroom during a race! I havent ran many but thankfully that has never happened to me yet.

  2. Bwuahahahaha, I'm laughing with you. I LOVE how real you are in your posts! You talk about stuff that happens to everybody but nobody wants to talk about. :) LOVE IT.
    I will work on my tag reply right after breakfast. :) Have a safe trip, let us know if you need anything back here while your on the road.
    ps. I have a habit of eating tums before every race or long ride.. :-/

  3. Question #1 you are are one tough cookie~hugs
    Question#4 recipes please;)

  4. Glad you were able to work through the tough spots....remember your bloggy peeps are here for you.

    Hope 2011 is full of running, running andd more running.

  5. What a are a survivor, AND so considerate! Regarding the poop stop: not sure I'd be so thoughtful at that moment!

  6. Amanda!! You are so brave to post about losing a pregnancy. Thinking of you. What a fighter you are!!!! So inspriring!

    I am wishing you and the hubs and LAZY DOG a safe trip to OK!

    And, thanks for the tag! I will be sure to follow up! And, I posted some more HAWAII pics!

  7. Thanks for posting about losing the pregnancy. It's happened to a lot of us, and it's something we don't talk about as much as we should, so thanks!
    LOVE the poop story--too funny!
    I thought about you as I was stomping out 12 miles on the treadmill last night. I was so bored and just wasn't feeling it, and then I thought of your Portland Marathon post and thought: If Amanda can run 26 miles when she's not feeling it, I can finish a crappy 12 miles on the crappy treadmill.

  8. A "hung jumper"... cannot wait to share that new terminology with the hubs. Congrats on coming out of 2010 smiling... hard times and all!

  9. enjoy the holidays with your family! great goals for 2011! And yeah, sometimes you just gotta go! we;ve all been there! :-)


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