Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It’s not you, it’s me…

I know, I know…we’ve all heard it before, from our high school sweetheart, our college love…but it’s true.

Dearest Running,

I still, er…love you. I just need a break. It’s not you, it’s me.  We have spent so much time together over the last year. And I cherish that time. Actually you have done so much to shape me, you have allowed me to change me. But right now, I need a break. I mean, I still want you to be a part of my life, but Christmas is here. I have family to spend time with and lets not ignore that fact that is is stinking FREEZING outside. For crying out loud! You just don’t get it do you?! It is cold! I don’t like it when my snot freezes to my upper lip and my slobber flies out and makes tiny icecicles that if the wind catches them just right, they WILL poke my eye out!

Last weekend during our 5k I had a blast! It was awesome! Then on Monday my calves were like, on fire! So I know I need you. I don’t intend for this break to last more than a week, really. Honestly, I brought my running shoes and my winter running gear to Oklahoma . I just don’t want to have to explain myself to you when I chose to hang inside with the fam, by the fire, in my PJ’s instead of running those red dirt roads. AH! And my high school finally got a brand new track! I would love to give that a spin!  I’m not gonna lie, that sounds really nice. Maybe just one run…ok, I’m sorry. I am being wishy washy. That’s not fair.

Well, maybe we aren’t taking a break after all. I’m sorry. I could never leave you. I just started feeling guilty and sometimes breaking up is easier than dealing with the guilt.  So, let’s make up.


5 Miles 2 Empty


And if you need some info about Treadmill Running and Cold Weather Running I got these articles this morning from Good reads!!


  1. Merry Christmas girl!!

    I loved that treadmill article, of course!! ;)

  2. Merry christmas...gotta a date with Treadmill this mornirng...

  3. Thanks so much for the treadmill article. I know I needed that right now as I have struggled much with my running lately.
    Merry Christmas!!!

  4. hehe

    thanks for sharing those articles

  5. We are having a little bit of a warm spell here. It's supposed to be up to 10 degrees today (C). I'm not sure what that is F.

  6. Well said! Enjoy the break and Merry Christmas!

  7. Sounds like an abusive relationship, not sure you should go back.

  8. All distance runners should take a month off during the year. And all at once, not a day at a time.

    Take your break guilt free!

  9. Haha love it! Its so hard over the holidays to do everything you wanna do AND keep up with training! Youre only human, its okay to take a break!
    Meg o (

  10. hahaha! You are too funny! Thanks again for the tag, I posted mine today.

    You have rocked your running in 2010...a little break is well-deserved!

  11. HILARIOUS!!! "taking a break" is long as you don't start seeing someone else (ie: sugar cookies and eggnog...those hussies!)

  12. I'm just coming back from a self imposed month long break!! Take a break and you will find a renewed joy in running for sure! It should make you feel energized and not a chore! Enjoy a break and your mind and body will thank you as will you friends and family!! Merry Christmas!!

  13. I was going to give myself the gift of time off, but then I realize running is my prozac and keeps me from going crazy around my family. I'm doing 8 cold miles around Lake Hefner on Saturday or Sunday to remind me why I shouldn't do OKC in the spring! Haha!

  14. That was really funny - great post. My wife and I enjoy your blog. Good luck.


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