Friday, December 17, 2010

I Feel Trapped…

…in my little neighborhood. I can only get 3.64 miles if I run the streets and cul-de-sacs.


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Sure, I could double that by running it, then running it again but I can’t help but feel like a rat in a stupid maze. Stuck. Trapped. No free will to run. In T-Town I could change my route a million different ways. I could go to the water on three sides. I could go LONG or short. Whatever I wanted. I was king queen of my domain! The world was MINE! I could run out my front door and take any number of streets going North, South, East or West…I could run miles and miles…

Not here. I am confined to my small neighborhood and it is no bueano my chingoos (like that combination of Spanish and Korean?) or not good my friends. Not good.

I am bored with my neighborhood. Frustrated and nearly defeated. I don’t like having to get in my car and drive 20 min just to go for a good, decent run. Am I completely spoiled? Being too demanding? Finding excuses? Presenting as only the baby of the family would? It is so wrong to want the perfect running set up?!

I don’t think so.

I knew I had it good in T-Town but I thought it could would be good here too! Don’t get me wrong, there are streets. Even the perfect 14 mile route that is a loop I could do. But NO…..It’s not safe. Our neighbor who thinks I am hilarious (and the one who asked how far the Las Vegas marathon was, bless his heart) told me a scary story around Halloween time. It went like this:

“A few years ago my buddy, the old track and cross county coach at the High School, was running out there on Elliot Bridge like he had been doing for years, when this crazy guy just swerved and hit him. On purpose! It was the third  pedestrian he had hit that day. He was just driving around hitting people who were out running. He’s in jail now so he probably wont hit you. But coach is in a wheelchair now.”

Wow. What the heck?! Seriously?

I really can’t explain to you what the road outside my neighborhood is like but I have tried. It is a two-lane, curvy and tree lined, desolate  road and oh yeah, the freaking autobahn. People just drive at their whim. And no one cares that I am addicted to running  (first step is to admit you have a problem) and want to run on that street. No one cares that they have to share the space with other people. Everyone else has somewhere to be, something to do that  is WAY more important than what you or I have to do.

Anyway, I am a rat trapped in my maze….Now, where is that stupid cheese.

Bored? Here, play the game of Amanda Wants to Go For a Run HERE.


  1. that's too bad ... what about making friends with a bunch of runners and running in a group ... with rubber tires hanging off your shoulders for deflecting cars, and rifles for solving other things ... or you could just run in a group (odds are better!)

    BTW since it was a coach that was hit, I'm wondering if he wasn't just an a$$. I've been wondering that about my coach and the burpess (WITH PUSHUPS!) that she makes me do.

  2. That's really too bad! Hope you can find your way out of the cage/maze!

    P.S. Tagged you in today's post if you're looking for something to blog about. :)

  3. MARLENE!!! YES!!! I need something positive to blog about!! Awesome! Thanks! I'll try to do it tonight. It feels like I have been awfully grumpy lately? Hmmm.

  4. just ruined my productivity level at work today with that mouse game. Thanks. Just kidding! But in all seriousness, I feel your pain! I live in Manhattan! And while I have endless amounts of space to run, I seriously gave up on a 2 mile run one time because at 35 minutes, I still had only run a mile and a half! PEOPLE, CARS, STOP LIGHTS, TAXIS, DOGS, EVERYWHERE! It's horrible! And Central Park is wonderful but sometimes you don't want to have to take a 25 minute subway ride with 2 changes just to get to the park...and getting long runs in is hell because Central Park is about 6.5 miles around so training for the Philly Marathon meant between 3 and 4 loops around Central Park to get in a long run! Yikes!

  5. I'm not a big fan of running around cars. Maybe mix it up with some trail running.

  6. I hate running in my neighborhood, too. I was just thinking about this last night. I can venture out further on foot, but it involves too many stop lights.

    The worst thing about winter is it's too dark after work to hit my favorite trail, which has zero lights on it. Boo.

  7. I can't believe that story that is more good reason that I love running on the treadmill ha! I am sorry you feel stuck...I don't think that is weird at all to want to drive somewhere else to run, I say do it. I love how exact you are....3.64 miles ha! I cannot get myself to keep running the same loop.
    The Christmas ball sounds so fun, sorry the party was lame this year. Love the dodgeball story. P.S. I really am like a five year old! I love that we leave such long comments for each other. It is my favorite, I feel like we are real life friends ha!

  8. bummer. Sorry lady. :(

    I'd suggest the treadmill but then your just a hampster insead of a rat.

    Hampsters are sweeter though. ;)

  9. Awwww! I was that way in my previous neighborhood...and in my current neighborhood!

    Stay safe and here's to a new love of maze running...

  10. Totally understand... if I run the longest loop around my neighborhood, it max's out at ONE whole mile. I can add on the neighborhood to the left and the neighborhood to the right (both with awful sidewalks) and I might get to 3.5 miles... thus, I rarely run in my own neighborhood. Sad, really.

  11. That sucks - I feel really lucky to be able to run any distance right outside of my door.

    Maybe you will have to drive to a location to run - once you get into the habit - it will be second nature - you just have to start it.

  12. I am in the same boat! My new neighborhood with every detour possible taken is only 3 miles!
    I found a path that made me happy, then everyone starts with the stories of how many people have been raped and attacked. Where to go? I feel your pain

  13. That story is scary! Funny picture btw, haha..
    I know its sucks to have to drive all the way to the loop just to have a safe run or bike. I wish there was any area to run around my house, I don't even like going out to check the mail.. Ok.. So it's not really that bad, but not going for a run by myself around here anytime soon.

  14. that is REALLY frustrating. I'm the same way in my neighborhood but I can find other roads that aren't death traps :)


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