Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Track Days!

Yay!! The sun has been shinning around here lately! That means TRACK time!!! Yay! I don’t especially love the track but I enjoying going with my Little Buddy sometimes and since it is fenced in he can hang out and play and even run with me.

I had an easy four mile run on the books for today so I ran to the track to meet my friends Jess and finished my 4 there. My first and last miles were 8:34 and 8:26. My middle miles were a bit slower but I ran with my friend Jessica! I enjoy running circles and talking with friends, it really doesn’t get much better than that!

Then I decided to try and jump over this thing…what is this anyway? I know I have seen the event in the Olympics where they run and step on it and jump over…but I have no idea what it actually is.

april 14 2010 040 Probably wasn’t the best idea 11 DAYS before my marathon, as you can see I am not exactly a picture of grace here…

At least I got some righteous stretching in! I never have a problem stretching when I am outside in the sunshine! april 14 2010 028

april 14 2010 007

Today I started my packing list for OKC! Wooo Whooo!!

Today I am grateful for:


A walk around the block with Lazy Dog, he loves these sunny days too!

A pocket full of dandelions from my Little Buddy because “a mommy can never have too many flowers.”


  1. Love the pictures. What a great day to be outside. Glad you got out and enjoyed the TRACK.

  2. Yay! Sun! Although, it didn't feel as warm as I hoped it would after work today. Hoping it's sunny and warm tomorrow and Friday!

    Great pics!

  3. what words of wisdom! A mommy DEFINITELY can never have too many flowers. Nothing better than a fist full of flowers from a sweet little boy.

  4. You're lucky the sun is out- we got a snow storm today in AK :(. Enjoy the sun :)!

  5. What a sweet boy!

    Yep, I am so paranoid before a race about a silly injury. BW and I were racing around the house before the half and I tripped over a stuffed giraffe. I was thinking - yes, that would really be horrible if I had to say that I couldn't run my race b/c I hurt myself on a stuffed giraffe!

    Enjoy the weather!

  6. Yay for track workouts! I'm starting to get used to and/or love them! I can't wait to get more creative with how best to use them. What is your favorite track workout?

  7. Can't wait to hear about the OKC! But for heavens sake be careful - no hurdles! I hate the track. The only thing that would make running in circles interesting is seeing a girl try to jump over a hurdle, trip, and fall.

  8. SOOOOO Fun!! LOL if I tried to go over that I would crack my head open.

    TRack days with family and friends are the BEST..

    HOPE to see you this weekend. Packing already wowzers!

  9. Love the pocketful of flowers comment...sooo cute!
    Good luck on your marathon!

  10. That thing you jumped over is for steeple chase. I guess its a hurdle of sorts, i dont know the technical name! Great job on the miles!

  11. hope your taper is going well. 10 days!! YAYAYAYAY. getting excited? i think i'm just ready for it to be here. the good news? the forecast is lookin' pretty decent.

  12. I love when my son brings me flowers :) I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  13. Great photos!

    Glad you enjoyed the track workout. Don't forget to take the flower out of your pocket before you wash your shorts! ;-)

    Have a great will be here soon!

  14. great pics! glad you had a buddy to chat with. random question...what are those sleeve things you have on in some of you pics? compression sleeves? why do some people wear them??

  15. I follow Mel's blog and saw that you are running OKC as your first marathon. It was my first marathon as well and I'll be running in on Sunday, too. Good luck and have a great time. It's a wonderful race!

  16. Can't wait for you to come to OKC!!! Wed. playdate sounds great!!!


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