Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Last Double Digit Run

…have I done enough? What if I skipped one too many mid-week mid-distance runs? What if I die? What if I hit 20 miles and I collapse? What if I DNF?

Oh well. I’m not one to live the what if life. There are so many what ifs that if you dwell on them you go through life never satisfied and always wondering and wanting more. I did what I could and if it wasn’t enough I will do more and better next time. I think it was Mel-Tall Mom who played the optimist what if game with me when I was trying to decide not to go for a PR in the Mercer Half. “What if I don’t make it? What if it is really hard and hilly? What if I try and fail?” And her reply, “What if you do make it? What if you PR on your birthday? What if all your hard work pays off?” So for all the pessimist out there, if you must play the what if game, play it positively.

What if I run an awesome marathon? What if I finish in 4:30 like I would like to? What if I soak in the experience and love it? What if I can’t wait to register for another? SO what if I am tired and my legs are sore? What if it is just what I need right now, to show me I am strong enough? What if it changes my life?

I was emailing with a good friend of mine from grad school who is a marathoner. She was giving me some race day advice and I will share some of that with you all. I hope she doesn’t mind (I should give a disclaimer to all my friends that any correspondence we have could be used in my blog).

“…the first marathon is the hardest because there are unknowns...how will I feel throughout the race? Can I really do this?!?...but you will do great! I always found it good to break down the race into segments...first 10 miles...then the half...then 20...and then dedicate those last 6 miles to different people to keep you going.”

I will be working on my dedications in the next couple of days. I love this idea! She goes on to say:

“Mantras are great too. My favs are: ‘Embrace each step. The run is yours.’ or ‘keep on keepin' on’, or the little engine that could ‘I think I can I think I can’ (but deep down inside KNOW you can!) Have fun and take in the crowd. Make friends with those you are running with. It helps!”

So to my friend, THANK YOU! I am making my race day plan and your advice is welcomed any day!

Yesterday I ran 12 miles with my Running Consultant. It was a good run and a little faster than I had planned on going, but in all it was a good confidence booster….for a half marathon. I’m not sure what it means for me and my full in only 12 Days!!!! we will see!


12 miles: 1:46.29

Fastest mile: 8:25

Mile closest to my 10 min/mile marathon pace (like that positive spin?): 9:36**

**and this in only becasue my Running Consultant just had to go in and get a drink where his wife works....thanks RC for adding about 45 seconds to our time....

Today I am grateful for:

Awesome friends!


Sleeping in until 7 AM!



  1. I love the "what if" spin. Great idea. And I love the race day plan. I will have to use these.

    You will be great!

  2. Wow!! You are going to do awesome!! I get excited for you just reading your post!!!

  3. I think I can tell you that everyone plays with those "what if" negative scenarios. You've done a nice job of turning them around--use that on race day. And don't forget the marathoner's prayer: "lord if you'll pick them up, I'll put them back down!"

  4. Oh my, the final countdown. You are going to do great!

  5. I love the positive what if game - so smart! You are going to do fabulously and have a great time - I'm so excited for you!

  6. Ahhh the good ol' "What if" game... we've all been there girl! Keep the positive attitude going, I think it plays such a crucial key on race day... also, just remember: Your first marathon is a guaranteed PR so go out there and have fun!

  7. YOu will do great! Just go to finish! Dont set your standards too high, just finish while having fun and laughing! This will be EASY! LOL!

  8. I can't say much because I'm still in training for my first marathon and I know I will be doing the same exact thing!

    But I'm sure you are going to do awesome!! So exciting!

  9. I think it's great that you're running your first full! I'm sure you'll do wonderful :)!!

  10. continue to "think positive" Why oh why do we always go first to the negative - when the positive is so uplifting - and really - truly - just as possible.

    I am very excited for you. ENJOY

  11. You are going to rock it! Wahoo!!!

  12. your gonna be awesome!! I like the thought of breaking it down too....and then I always try to invent things that would make life easier and no one else has thought of so I can be rich...ha I know I am a little odd but it keeps my brain busy!

  13. I love the positive spin! Eeeeek I am so excited to hear about your marathon. I know you can do it and you will be FABULOUS!

  14. LOVE THIS!!
    You are going to do so great!

  15. GREAT advice. I love it and will have to use some of it myself. I love, love talking to others who have gone before me and ran a marathon before. Such great advice they have. Love what Morgan said..."Your first marathon is a guaranteed PR" So true...You are going to doooooo GREAT!

  16. I'm 18 days out from my first marathon and am having some serious freakouts. I have every pace time written down to see what potentially I might finish it and am going nuts over it.
    Thanks for the great advice...I needed this.
    Can't wair for your race!

  17. You are going to rock it. No worries!

    Loved misszippy's comment [prayer].


  18. Nice work! Good Luck at OKC. I'm doing my first half there in...under 11 days!! Its gonna be a great race for all.

  19. Great positive what if!

    My last marathon I "dedicated" each mile to a different person or group and spent that mile praying over them or an issue I was made aware of. I had people agree to pray with me at certain times (estimated to match what I would be praying over right then and they all said they prayed for me too.) Those last few miles I honestly "felt" uplifted. It really helped to carry me through when I was feeling tired.

    Run strong I know you are going to amaze yourself!


You're pretty much awesome!!


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