Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thurs, Fri, Sat.....MARATHON!

I am ready.
I think.
As ready as I will ever be.

Actually, if the marathon was today I guess I would be ready but I am glad it is not today. So I am almost ready. By Sunday I will be ready, mentally prepared. I still haven't decided exactly what I will wear: capri tights or Nike tempo shorts, tank top or tee, sunglasses (which I feel like I need but they smash my eyelashes and drive me nuts) or no sunglasses, hat or no hat...I guess I will make all decisions at 4:30 AM the morning of. I'm not really stressing about it.

Yesterday I went out for a nice 3.18 mile run. It went well aside from the sweltering heat (ok it was maybe 72 degrees at 1 PM) and the driving wind (ok, it was a mere breeze but to this PNW girl it was pretty windy). Those two things do have me slightly concerned. 1) I have become quite accustomed and spoiled by our moderate weather up north and 2) we don't do wind up there very often either. So, while it most likely wont be 74 degrees at 6:30 AM on marathon day, 4 hours later it most certainly could be. I have resolved to making the best of the experience and

I love all the encouraging comments you guys have been leaving me!

Morgan from Caution: Redhead Running said this: "Keep the positive attitude going, I think it plays such a crucial key on race day... also, just remember: Your first marathon is a guaranteed PR so go out there and have fun!" I love that!

MissZippy said : "And don't forget the marathoner's prayer: "lord if you'll pick them up, I'll put them back down!"

Curlyred said: "I will be techno-stalking you the whole time. You are ready! Like I said at dinner last week, I am so proud of what you have accomplished in the last four months, if not the last year. You are an amazing woman! Much love from The Redheads..."

said: "It will be great! I promise finishing your first is a feeling like nothing else you'll ever experience."

And so many more!! Thanks for all your encouragement!!


  1. Nice and steady and the finish line will be yours!

  2. You ARE ready!! Yes we have been spoiled with the weather here, but you are TOUGH!! I am soooo excited for you and this amazing accomplishment you are about to achieve. I remember a conversation when we first met, I believe you were saying that your doubted you could run a Marathon but knew you wanted to. Now you get to prove it.

    Rock it out sister! I too will be cyber-stalking.. Hmmm will you text me updates?? JK!!

    Hugs and Love.. Just Imagine that I am a step behind pushing you (wish I could be there!!)... YOu GOT THIS!!!

  3. You are going to do GREAT!!!!!!!!!

    I know that you can do this.

    Please let us know how to cyber stalk you.

  4. Good luck and have a wonderful time!!

  5. *deep breath because this makes me want to cry because I'm so excited for you (and this makes me very excited for my own marathon)* honestly, you are going to do fabulous. The weather will be what it is, but you are ready. Think back over all the miles you've put in (really...I'll wait, think back). Ok? See? You are going to do great. I cannot wait to hear all about it.

  6. yeahhhhh good luck! I so wish I was going to be there, too bad things didn't work out. I love Miss Zippy's quote!!

  7. Yes, you guys are spoiled with the weather in the NW but remember, you have the HILLS up there to practice on. You will do great! Just remember, the wind is your friend, it keeps it from being too hot outside...or something like that. ;)

  8. You are ready! One thing I would suggest--unless it's really cold, go with shorts. A marathon is a long, hot effort and I think you'll be happier if you are not overheated. Go get 'em!

  9. How exciting!!! Your going to do fantastic!

    Love the comment about your first marathon being a guaranteed PR.

  10. So exciting! Remember to enjoy it. Try to smile for the cameras

  11. I love the prayer! That is great.

    You are going to have an amazing experince! I hope you stay as calm as you seem in your post. It's just a really long run with loads of potential new friends!

    Enjoy it!

  12. You can do this! It;s the final countdown and you are going to rock it! Have FUN!



    Bummer to not be there to cheer for you but at least I can techno Blog support from AZ. ;)

  14. You own it, Amanda. Your journey has brought you here ... you are ready. You will be amazing. Now, go out there and kick some marathon booty!!!!!!

    Sending you good vibes and happy hugs from Orlando!

  15. Runnnnnn amanda runnnnn, and just think the sun will give you a nice gentle tan, so you are multi-tasking by finishing a race and getting sun-kissed all at the same time! (not that this was a concern of yours) just trying to look at the warm temps on the bright side...literally! Your going to be great can't wait to hear all about it!

  16. I am so excited for you! You are totally going to kick some butt! Best of luck! You own that race already!!!

  17. Good luck. Love those encouraging comments.

  18. I hope you have a fabulous run, sending you lots of luck and good vibes!!!!

  19. I am so excited for you!! Can't wait to see you tomorrow!!

  20. Congrats on your first marathon! Sounds like you're more than ready! Enjoy! Looking forward to reading your recap.

    Winks & Smiles,


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