Friday, November 21, 2014

Topic 9: Going to the Movies with Friends.... fun.

This is a boring topic.

I like going to the movies. The big screen captivates my attention. I LOVE the previews almost as much as the movie. So I really enjoy getting there and eating ALL my Twizlers before the previews are even over.

I have a very hard time sitting through movies at home. I get up and walk around, do things, get side-tracked and distracted. At home I rarely can sit through an entire movie without getting up and missing a big part of it. But in a theater I refuse to get up and go anywhere. I will not get up to go the bathroom unless it's an absolute emergency. I am captivated and thoroughly sucked in. Or just stubborn.

So I am much more likely to go to the movies than to watch one at home. In fact I don't have anything that even plays a DVD. My computer doesn't have a disc drive, neither does LB's. I don't have any gaming systems, other that the WiiFit and that doesn't take a DVD. If I do want to watch something I use Amazon Prime or Hulu and then I pause it or get distracted or fall asleep.

I do want to go to the movies to see the new Hunger Games. I saw the last one on New Year's Eve. Hopefully since I have a kid-free week I'll be able to make ti to a movie!

How about you? Heading to the movies this weekend?


  1. Haha .. random? Yes. Fun? .. yes!! I LOVE To go to the movies. With 4 small kids it's so hard to get the time to go. But I still love it. I go for the movie theater popcorn. SO bad for you but tastes SO good!

    1. Oh yeah, with 4 kiddos I bet it's a real treat to see a movie that's not baby/kid friendly or Disney!!! And yes, the popcorn is soooo delicious, and for $57 it better be delicious! Haha!

  2. We don't get to the movies very often. Unless it is a kid movie. I would love to get a sitter to go see Hunger Games with my husband!! But the truth is, if I'm going to pay for a sitter...I'd rather go on a trail run together or go get dinner and good beer! i'm the same way with movies at home. A little ADHD but not really but kind of. ha!

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You're pretty much awesome!!


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