Monday, October 20, 2014

Day 4 Topic: Going to the movies...ALONE.

Dun, dun, dunnnnn.....

Have you ever done it?  I have. I think if I had to chose, a movie or dinner alone on a Friday night, I'd rather go to a movie alone....well I'd probably be hungry too, so I'd do both.

It doesn't really bother me to do things by myself. Over the past 9 years I have found myself doing a lot of things alone. In my days as a military spouse if I wanted to see a movie that wasn't rated G I pretty much had to go during the day when all my friends were at work and LB was in pre-school or school, or pay even more money for a babysitter. So I would to go alone usually to a matinee. As a matter of fact I think I saw the first Twilight movie alone at one in the afternoon in Lakewood, WA. When I went in I felt strange at first. Then I realized that I don't know these people. They don't know me. And hey look! There are a lot of people sitting alone in here....yep, this isn't so bad at all. And not only that but I don't care what they think.

Here are a few other things I have done alone:

-Gone to and ran a race, without knowing a single person.
-Gone out to eat....a hundred and 57 times, at least.
-Traveled by airplane-that is glorious-to a city, alone, where I know no one.
-Shopping (I'm pretty sure everyone has done that one).
-Gone to church, gone to a new church.
-Joined a new team or club and attended.
-Lived. Like actually had my own place, mine only, circa college.
-Driven halfway across the country, at least 4 times.
-Sat on a beach and watched a sunset...sat on a beach and watched a sunrise. West coast to east....
-Sat on a rock and listened to a river.
-Eaten a box on Girl Scout Thin Mints......not proud of that one.

I'm sure there are more but those just kind of stick out as clear memories with me, myself, and I. So how about you? Ever gone to a movie alone? What is your favorite thing to do by yourself? Anything I should try?


  1. I recently went out to eat, on a Saturday night, in a crowded Italian restaurant. Alone. It wasn't too bad except for the lonely men at the bar staring at me all night. In fact, for the first time ever I actually SAVORED my food. Taking note of texture, flavor, how it paired with the wine. I came to the conclusion that the crabcakes suck and that too many cucumbers in a salad is....cumbersome. Cucumbersome.

    1. Hahaha cucumbersome!!! I think you should put that on a comment card and give it to them! I'm happy you got to get out for dinner! Very brave in a nice restaurant on a Saturday!

  2. I went to a movie alone and I also went on a vacation alone. It was an organized group though, so many people didn't know each other. All this happened once I moved from Germany to the US. It is kind of strange first, but actually it was so important that I did it. I really learned what I want in life and then found the right person, we are in a great relationship. Now I think a relationship can only work if you truly know who you are and know what you want.


You're pretty much awesome!!


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