Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Day 1....and 1.39809 miles....

Why is it that as soon as I commit to a challenge to get me back in to blogging life gets exciting and I actually have something to talk about? I really wanted to do Day 1 last night but I didn't get home until late and when I did get home I had to write an article for work that was already late.  And when that was done I was so tired I fell into bed.

I have been waiting to be released from the surgeon since I had my should surgery. And as soon as I was released you better believe I had a plan. I had been looking for an adult swim team and I found one!  Actually my niece told me that grown ups swim with her team all the time! I made a phone call and one thing led to another...I found myself jumping in the pool at 8 o'clock last night. I was so nervous driving to the pool. LB called me out and said I was just trying anything to get out of it. He couldn't have been more wrong. Yes, I was nervous but I was not trying to get out of it. As soon as I got there I was introduced to the other adult members of the swim team. They were so nice! And even LB asked me this morning, "Did you make a new friend mom?" His question caught me off guard but he noticed me talking and laughing with the ladies and one in particular who recently moved to OKC from Fayetteville ARKANSAS, and I moved from Fayetteville NORTH CAROLINA....weird eh?  Anyway, long story short I literally jumped right in and began the warm up.....and before I knew it an hour had passed and I had finished 2250 meters (and in case you need that in miles that is 1.39809 miles). I could not believe I was able to complete the workout! Not only am I out of shape my shoulder is not exactly strong. But I did it! I am paying for it today but I cannot wait to get back to the pool!

And for my blogging challenge topic: Checking the Closets Before Bed.

I don't.

Ok, ok, that was a short answer but really I don't. I'm actually surprised that this isn't something I worry about more. I tend to worry about bad guys a lot but one thing I am certain of is there is not one hiding in my closet. Having a huge German Shepherd does help. If there was a bad guy in the house he would know before I do. On top of that I have a pretty awesome alarm system (and a pistol that I am not afraid to use) that makes me feel confident that no one could hide in my closets. No one except LB anyway. He likes to hide and scare the bijeeeeezeeeses out of me. As far as super natural things and monsters....What in the world would I accomplish by checking the closet? Nothing.  I don't want to see them if they are there.....ignorance is bliss.

So there you have it......and tomorrow I will continue on with #2  My Worst Enemy.....this should be fun!

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