Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Catching a Break.....

Yeah. Catching a break apparently is like winning the lottery.  At this point in time I'd be happy with either. Break. Lottery.....

It's hard to work out and run and do yoga when, can't.

Two weeks ago I had shoulder surgery. I'm not good at being broken. I hate not being able to work out. I had been so excited when I moved here and joined the YMCA. It has a huge swimming pool! I was going to join an adult master's swim, and bike around the lake, and run and lift. I had hoped to do a triathlon in early September. But one week into my gym membership I hurt my shoulder and have been doing only things like walking on the treadmill, the elliptical, and a few of the leg weight machines.

Soon I will have my first trip to the gym post-surgery. I am pretty excited to try something...anything. There are a lot of things I cannot do and I don't want to set my recovery back at all.  If all goes well in 4 more weeks I can take this stupid sling off and maybe start running.

Until then I am dreaming of trail runs and races....I am hoping to do a half marathon in the winter and a full in the spring. We will see though, we will see......


  1. oh no, what a bummer! I hope you are back running very soon!

  2. When I take time off from running I get still look skinny! :)
    I bet once that sling comes off you're going to hit the ground running. (literally)

  3. Haha! Thank you!!! But really, I look at a cookie and gain weight. I'm actually up about 5 pounds. =( So I am ready to hit the ground running for sure. Thankfully I am at a point where I can do some active stuff without feeling pain. That will probably be tonights blog post...staying, or getting fit while on the injured list. ugh!

  4. Bummer!! Prayers for a speedy healing. I've been following you and am super jealous of your move back to OK. I've been itching so bad to move home...


You're pretty much awesome!!


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