Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I'm a NooB. Again.

I have been out of touch for a loooong, long time. I feel like I have no idea what is going on in the Running World anymore. I am out of the loop, the loop of any and all things running/racing related. I am a NOOB. Again. 

And that is OK.

I kinda like the idea of starting over, from scratch. I like the idea of getting back in the groove and finding the local races and community. I like the feeling of newness. Things had become a chore. Running was not for me anymore. It was for the blog. Then the blog wasn't enough to keep me going and I got bored. But now things are new and exciting again! There are new places to run, new races to run, new faces to see when I run....everything is NEW! Everything is awesome (insert corny Lego Movie Everything is Awesome Song here)!

The only thing that is not awesome is my stupid shoulder. Being on The Injured List is not awesome. Just sitting around waiting to feel better stinks, especially when you have nothing but time to kill. Since moving to OKC I have been flying solo. LB is in Cali with his dad so its just me....and Lazy Dog and Crazy Dog. I haven't started working yet so as you can imagine sitting around not working and not working out is kinda lame. Although the down time is nice I had hoped to be working out and getting ripped for the summer...OK, OK... at least getting back in shape.

I did joint the YMCA and have been able to use some of the cardio machines without using my shoulder too much. I have also been creepy stalking a few local organizations and have joined, at least in my mind I have joined their ranks! I found the Oklahoma Trail Runners Association and cannot wait until I am able to meet up with them on some of the local trails! I also found the The Landrunners  OKC Running Club. And then there is the local tri club....The Triathlon Club of Oklahoma City....I had big plans for at least two tris this summer but that is not going to happen now. So for now I will creep their web pages, long to join them all, and look forward to the day I can show up to at least one of any of these club's events.

So things are coming together here in OKC. It feels pretty good to be home....


  1. Can you believe the cool Oklahoma temps right now? LOVING it! :) Feel a little bit like I'm in the PNW right now!

    You probably already saw it, but there is a brand spankin' new trail run at Lake McMurtry coming in September. Half marathon or quarter marathon distance. I'm not running much lately but am going to try to start training so I can run it.

    I hope your shoulder feels better soon!

    1. Thank you!!!
      It is toooo cold! I should not be wearing a sweat shirt in mid July! haha!!

      Thanks for the info about the trail run at Lake McMurtry! I had not seen it yet but I will certainly keep it in mind and if recovery goes well I will be there!! That is awesome! I hope you can start training soon too! I'd love to meet you one day soon! This has been a long time coming! =)


You're pretty much awesome!!


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