Thursday, January 10, 2013

Vitamin B12 Complex-Product Review doesn't happen very often, but when I can't sleep it leaves me dragging all day the next day. I was staring at my ceiling when the clock hit 3:45 AM. I knew it would make for a long, rough day. I sit in a dimmly lit, warm, cozy office listening to people talk all day. If you went to a therapist and she was yawning during your session I'm sure you'd be quite put-out. So my job depends on me being able to stay awake, stay alert, and keeping my mind sharp. At one point I depended on coffee and Diet Coke to keep me awake. I eventually realized that by mid afternoon if I didn't get a caffeine fix my head was pounding. Not good. I don't like being dependent on a stimulant. So when Rachel from 1st Step Pro- Wellness approached me about their Liquid B-12 Complex that provides natural energy I was pumped!

I decided to use this 1st Step Pro-Wellness Liquid Vitamin B12 Complex for 6 days to see how it made me feel.   I knew B12 and B Complex vitamins were good for me but I didn't fully understand what the big deal was. I learned that when combined, B12, B9 and B6 vitamins work together to help our bodies work more efficiently and effectively. The B complex is of critical importance to metabolism (Heaven knows I need all the help with my metabolism I can get), the nervous system, vital organs, eyes, muscles, skin, and even hair! Who knew?  Over time, when taken consistently the B complex enhance your mental health. Not only that but it assists in converting food to energy which in turn gives you the energy you need to get through your day! 

A few other fun facts about 1st Step Pro-Wellness Liquid Vitamin B12 Complex:
-Gluten free and 100% Vegetarian
-Made from natural cherry, passion fruit, mango, and papaya juices, sources from orchards right here in the USA! 
-It provides energy without artificial ingredients of flavoring powders and chemicals. 
-Features 99% pure pharmaceutical grade B-12, delivering the purest form of B12 possible!
-Unlike other pill forms of B12, the liquid form absorbs almost immediately, reaching the bloodstream quickly and allowing the body to absorb the majority of the supplement.
-For more than 10 years this brand has been the nutritional brand of choice by more than 330 collegiate and pro sports teams, as well as countless elite female and male athletes because it works.
-According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (12/11 edition), long-term supplementation of daily oral vitamin B12 and B9 promotes improvement in cognitive function. And who doesn't want that??! did it work for me? I used this for 6 days in a row. I drank half the small bottle in the morning when I woke up. I forewent my morning coffee, which was difficult for me since it is more a ritual to make the coffee and slowly sip at it as I get ready in the morning before I eat breakfast. But I didn't  notice a lack of energy or dullness that I would usually feel if I skipped my coffee. 

By early afternoon I would take the second half of the Liquid Vitamin B12 Complex. Usually I get very busy with back to back appointments and often have to squeeze lunch in when I can. This was easy to consume, within seconds. Not to say it curbed my appetite, that is not something it does, but it did give me a boost of energy and brainpower. Usually when I get hungry I get brain-dead or  feel so out of energy. This was a good way to get me through a few more clients until I could eat lunch. 

After about the 4th day I did start to notice that by the evening time I was not wiped out. Normally I would come home, make dinner, fight homework with LB, and then fall into bed by 8:45 or 9 and lay there, absolutely exhausted. But in the evening of the 4th day when I cleaned the kitchen after dinner instead of leaving it for later, and took the trash out, I realized I had more energy at a time when I am usually just wiped out. I'm not saying I was bouncing off the walls, it was very subtle. But it was real...I had a bit more energy than usual. So am I believer? I think I am. I have since picked it up when I see it at the local Walgreens. You can also find it at Bi Lo, Publix, Kroger and other places that I'm not familiar with. If you want to give it a try HERE is a link for a $4 off coupon!! Sweet deal! 

So if you find yourself needing a little ooomph in the day check it out. It certainly wont do any harm. You can check out their facebook page HERE or website HERE.


  1. Cool, I take a decent amount of B vitamins each day for the very same reason! The B vitamins aid our bodies in energy production and are great for heart and nervous system health, so you're absolutely right, taking them certainly won't hurt you any! Thanks for the info and great review!!!

  2. Informative post! Thanks for the information!


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