Friday, May 11, 2012

Ten Signs of a Killer Arm Workout...

1. It kills you to wash/dry/style your hair...

2. It is nearly impossible to put on mascara-Dudes, I'm assuming this would be the same for you to shave your face...

3. It is nearly impossible to pick your nose-I tried...

4. Driving a car is scary because you worry about your ability to react and turn the steering wheel...

5. You sit in your car because it is nearly impossible to push the door open from the inside....

6.You decide to wear your glasses to work because putting in your contacts is just too dang painful, but then you realize it's equally painful to put on said you go to work blind (see #4 to add to scary driving factor).

7. You sneeze and stop your arms at a 90 degree angle and fail to cover your the mess might be easier, and less painful than covering your mouth.

8. You don't care that you did not brush your teeth, that is what gum is for....

9. You answer all phone calls on speaker because no way, no how is that phone going to be held up to your ear....

10. You have a broken leg (practically) and you don't even care anymore because your arms hurt so bad.....your arms may actually feel better if they fell off....

Oh yeah, the old Hold One Arm Up With the Other trick...
...and for good measure, these things are hard as well: brushing a stray hair out of your face, shouldering a purse (consider yourselves lucky men, unless of course there is a Man Purse involved, then suffer with us...we understand), drink coffee or any other beverage without a straw or gooseneck, and put on or take off a bra...

I'd say I got a good arm workout on Wednesday....


  1. Lol I love/hate that feeling! Definitely a sign of a good workout!

  2. Hahahahah, hurts so good, right?? One of my favorite signs of a good leg workout is not being able to sit down on the toilet w/out holding something for support bc your quads are so shredded.
    Nice work!

  3. Gotta' love the pain of a good workout!! I always love when I go to wash my hair in the shower and my arms just can't get up to my head.

    Best of luck to everyone on the road with you!!

  4. I've had arm workouts like that! Gotta love it1

  5. I always say that I have a great swim when I get in the shower and can't lift my arms to wash my hair. :)

  6. Glad you had a great workout!

  7. Soo true!! Good job on getting a great arm workout in!

  8. This is funny! BTW, I'm hosting a Sun Warrior protein powder giveaway. Feel free to enter!

  9. The "take of a bra" comment was hilarious! I have been there! It is an awesome feeling though!

    My name is Laura and I just entered the blog world! Feel free to check out my blog as well:-)

  10. Ha, this made me think about an episode of The Commish (yup, Michael Chiklis in the 90s) when two cops worked their arms so hard they got into an accident and could't drive their squad car.

    It's a good and bad feeling all at the same time. Good job working it!


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