Wednesday, May 16, 2012

MRI Results...

NO I don't have the results yet. I am hopping it will be soon, the suspense is killing me!

But in the mean time I am taking bets, what do you think is wrong? When I got the MRI I was instructed to hand deliver the disk (with the below images) back to the radiology department at the hospital on post. Of course I took them straight to my computer and looked at them! The best I could do is snap a picture of the screens with my trusty iPhone....Then, as all good little runners with an injury do I called my OT sister and we oohed and awed and looked at some websites comparing healthy knee MRI's to my knee MRI. To be honest I just ended up freaking myself out probably more than necessary...but there certainly is a weird white blob in there. What the heck is that? Any tech people read my blog? Ok, I'm not asking for a diagnosis here I'm just hoping for a HOORAY moment where I learn I just need to drain some fluid off and WHALLAH! Good as new. So yeah, that's what I'm hoping for...

Here I am, taking The Disk to Radiology...


And here are the not-so-great pictures of the computer screen....




Should I be embarrassed to post a picture of the INSIDE of my body? This is kind of weird... Now you all know me a little too well, I mean I haven't see teh INSIDE of YOUR body....

Now I wait. Wait until they let me know something or nothing...


  1. I'm going to pin that... Hahaha just kidding. I hope your OK.. Let us know the results. Sending hugs and healing prayers

  2. Yicks, hope you're okay. I have a herniated disc in my lower back that I have to be wary of when I am active and just well, all the time.

  3. I have no idea about the MRI, but I hope it's nothing serious! Keep up posted!

  4. Oh, the lovely MRI images!! my husband told me I looked like a big slab of marbeled meat!! Nice, huh?

    I hope the news is good, and that you will start feeling better soon!! hugs ;)

  5. I don't know how to read an MRI, sorry. But those pictures sure are cool looking!

  6. My guess is that the large swelling is a Baker's Cyst and the small swelling along the joint line could be a tear in the posterior horn of the meniscus...but what do I know? I had like 1 hour of MRI instruction in PT School haha

  7. Hey there!
    I've recently (as in the last two weeks) started training for a half marathon and blogging about it ( I'm really not a runner and so have decided as part of my training to reach out to other runner-bloggers for tips! My biggest worry is injuring myself - I had an awful shin splint yesterday that really had me worried. I really hope that your knee injury isn't too debilitating.


You're pretty much awesome!!


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