Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I am not tapering...

It's true. Big Sur marathon is 10 days, 8 hours, 46 minutes, and 59 seconds (at the time I am writing this anyway) away and I am NOT tapering.

There are two legitimate reasons:

1. How can you taper when you never really ramped up your training?

2. Big Sur is a training run for my upcoming June 3rd 50k. So I am actually beginning to UP my training.


Don't worry. I am completely prepared to suffer through Big Sur. The 50k however is a whole new ball game. With temps reaching 90+ degrees and humidity up to the mid 80% range I am prepared to meet my doom. So I figured it best to up my training, from minimal to at least a little bit more...Plus I have some new shoes to break in.
LOVE and boxes on my porch! Win, Win!
Look nice and shiny!

This shot is really just to show off my hot tan line....
I'd like to have them broke in for the marathon and we all know what they say, 30 miles to break in new shoes. I think I can accomplish that in the next 10 days...I already got three on them this evening.

Any advice for the 50K? Suggested gear? Methods for carrying water and fuel? We are trying to figure it all out...J-Ninja posted this to my FB page saying it was for the beach....but I think she REALLY wants it for the 50k.... I think she's on to something.


  1. Ohhhh...first ultra! Super exciting! The only advice I have is to practice during your long runs. Test out your choice of food, hydration pack or handheld etc. During the later part of an ultra I can't hold much down. Usually just water and orange slices. If you can train in similar conditions to what the race will be like and try out all your gear and food then it will help sooo much on race day! Don't forget salt caps. And candied ginger helps a tender tummy.
    Good luck!

  2. Sweet tan lines!!

    I'm not much for advise on a 50k since I haven't ran one but hopefully will run my first ultra later this year.
    Not sure if you follow Runner Rambles but she posted this review

    about the hydrapak elite vest. I am really considering getting one for my long runs.

  3. I think it's a smart move with not tapering for Big Sur. But I have no idea how to manage a 50k. I always use the excuse that I'm teaching my body to work with what it has when in reality I hate carrying nutrition with me on my training runs/rides.

    The only thing I CAN say is that I've begun doing my long runs (10+ miles) with a hydration pack. I can't carry a water bottle in my hand and hate the idea of the belt bottles so I wasn't left with much else aside from certain dehydration. Mine soaks up a lot of sweat, but it works well as long as I remember to bodyglide up prior to heading out.

    Let us know what you try out and feel works!! I want to run an ultra next year.

  4. Nathan Intensity pack. Best purchase I've ever made!

  5. Wow, how exciting to be training for an ultra! I'm flirting (strongly) with the idea for the Fall, so am looking to plan a marathon prior to it as part of the ultra training like you. I'm guessing it will be a true test in that we're so used to trying to PR at marathons; in this case, a PR means going much slower to practice for that ultra.

    Good luck and have fun with it! Can't wait to hear all about Big Sur (is the course back to normal since the cliff issue?) and the 50K!!!

  6. Wow a 50k - that's awesome!! I use my Nathan hydration vest for long runs and love it!!

  7. Nice tan lines! Shorts + compression socks on the next could even it out ;) Training for an ultra is so impressive - I can't wait to follow along and see how it goes!

  8. Its so fun to get new shoes. Breaking them in... hm, a good reason not to taper. Seriously, though, I am sure you can break them in and have some taper time.

  9. New shoes - how exciting! Oh and that backpack looks really cool not to mention convenient for beach use.

    Is J-Ninja planning on carrying a backpack during the event? Oh no, no, no! I hope not - that would be a big hassle! But, it sure is convenient-looking.

  10. Wow nice it, at least it is looking better than it was last time I saw it! A 50k sounds like for...ever...but fun and challenging...maybe someday(sigh)


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