Saturday, April 28, 2012

Big Sur International Marathon-Ready or Not...

This time tomorrow I will hopefully be done with Big Sur. Hopefully? Yes, hopefully. Since Tuesday I have been fighting a serious cold. My head is about to explode and my throat is on FIRE. I have invested in every kind of cold remedy possible and have yet to feel reprieve. But I am determined to finish tomorrow. I did not come ALL the way across the country to DNF or DNS for that matter.

I've got my Race Pile laid out and ready for our 2:30 AM wake up call. Who get's up at 2:30 AM? That is not even morning, that's middle of the night. We have to make it to the shuttle by 3:30, take the hour journey to Big Sur, then start the race at 6:45.

My Pile....

I'm ready, at least as ready as I'm gonna be. I'm excited and looking forward to the scenic route. I've got my spibelt and camera charged! And of course we already started our pre-race fueling! Now this is the lunch of Marathon Champions!

Fudge Sundae's from Ghirardelli's Chocolate


  1. Love the socks! Where did you find those?

  2. Have a great race! Looking forward to your race report.

  3. Good Luck A!! I'll be thinking of you!!

  4. Hope you feel better! Can't wait to see the pictures. LOVE the socks!!

  5. did you do? I hope you started feeling better...running with a head cold sure isn't fun, huh? LOVE the socks btw...very festive ;)

    Looking forward to reading more about...

  6. i love that we're all obsessed with the socks. me too, me too!!!

    hope you rocked the snot out of it!

  7. I'm sorry to hear about your cold, but I admire your determination to finish the race. You can actually make your own homemade remedy. A ginger tea is an effective cold relief. By the way, I love the socks as well.

    flu remedies


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