Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I got nothing….

…at least not much of anything to talk about.


*photo source here

Uh…did you see that???

Yes, it is a flying pig.


Ok what ev…I feel like my training has gotten quite ho hum, very predictable lately. Don’t get me wrong, I do NOT feel the need to hurl myself off of a bike again, or any other number of misfortunate scenarios. I just feel like I spin, swim, run and repeat. Over and over again. Boring. My running adventures as of late are far from adventures. I need some spice in my life, some running excitement! I feel like I need a sexy Latin play list to go run on a trail , oooh oooh ohhh!! Or a race! Maybe that’s it! I’ve got an itchn’ for a race! Well, on May 1 I will be running OKC Memorial 1/2 marathon. Just over a week from now. So that will spice things up a bit! LB and I are headed to OK for spring break and I am looking forward to some red dirt road running! Always a good time!

I am sure you have but just as a reminder, have you entered my Allied Medal Display Giveaway yet? No!? Oh shame!!! Go HERE quick!!!

And for fun, here are a few of the Signature Pose Pics I have gotten via email thus far!! I have had a few links to the pose on blogs, which is great!! But it makes it hard to get the pic.


Starting top row left to right:

  1. Amanda The Turtle Won
  2. Jessica THE Blonde Ponytail
  3. Cooper, curtsey of THE Blonde Ponytail
  4. Ashley at Redonk Runner

Bottom row left to right:

  1. Penny Pink Hat Runner
  2. Kristal at Silly Kristal Tries-a-Tri
  3. Cynthia at Run Dream Laugh
  4. K at Runner Girl 5K

I had no idea the signature pose was that difficult, but I hear it is! 

In other news, I’ve got some fun reviews coming soon, like my awesome new eazy-bandz that Matt sent to me!! They are super cute and functional! SCORE!! I can’t wait to tell you all about them!! You can get a sneak pre-review peek at them HERE!


Ok, that’s all for now…a lot for having nothing to say, huh? What do you have to talk about tonight?


  1. Yay!! Coop and I are representin' your sig pose!! I think Coop has definitely nailed it!

    OKC is coming up fast!!!! woo hoo!!

  2. Yay!! Coop and I are representin' your sig pose!! I think Coop has definitely nailed it!

    OKC is coming up fast!!!! woo hoo!!

  3. After 15 weeks, I'm to that point in training where I'm tired of the schedule and just ready to RUN! Let's get this race on! Totally understand where you're coming from! Same training, different day!

  4. It was 95 degrees in Texas yesterday...then 70 today...and I've been sick and not running the past 3 days, including today. Beautiful temp day and I am stuck inside!
    I am getting TERRIFIED of 13.1 miles. Especially since I've been sick and not running! I have plans to do 9-10ish on Saturday...then one more long run before OKC... Where hopefully I'll get to meet you! Ahh getting excited and NERVOUS!

  5. It's FREEZING COLD here and I am whiny about having to find my full-length tights (couldn't find them) and freezing in capris.

    I did your signature pose w/ Jill last weekend...but am not entering your giveaway....because I do not have medals yet.

    UHHH Wish that you could come out here for like a week so that we could go run TNB together.

  6. Oooo! I need to enter the giveaway still! And send ou my pose!

  7. Great post! :) Hopefully a race will help with motivation! Way to keep on, keeping on! :)

  8. I too have a half marathon on May 1. It's my second one ever. I just started running regularly last year. I'm excited to just do it! My last long run went really well, so I'm hoping for the same results on May 1.

  9. LOL I love that Jess sent in Cooper's picture! That's hilarious.

  10. Great signature pose pics!!! I'm so sorry that I couldn't do it. I really tried!!!

  11. Love all those sigature poses. You got that pose down girlfriend. Had fun posing for you. Hope signing up for another race will give you some mojo in your step. Have a great week.


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