Monday, April 25, 2011

Allied Medal Display WINNER!!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!

So sorry for the delay in the announcement but without further ado, the winner….of this awesome contest…. is none other than….generated from….are you ready????

Sara from Words To Run By

She emailed me a photo of her current display!! I think it is totally cute but she will soon outgrow it!!

sara words to run by

Congratulations!! Email me Sara and I will get you set up!!


  1. Omg, this is hilarious/bizarre. She just won my giveaway today. I need some of her luck! lol

  2. Way to go Sara!

    I didn't enter this one because I am still building my portfolio! I only have 6 pieces of bling, but perhaps when I hit a dozen I will consider ordering a medal display!

  3. AWE POOP!!! I wanted this one!!! Guess I'll just have to save up and buy my own... Oh- and congrats Sara!

  4. Hi Sara! I just found your blog and loving all the running inspiration and race recaps! Our marathon PR's are simliar as well, mine is 4:18...I would LOVE to get below a 4 at the Chicago marathon this October. Keep it up, i'll be following!

  5. I agree with Sam. I'd like to have a piece of Sara's luck. haha



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