Thursday, March 12, 2015

Topic 22: What is the Last Gift I Received?

Well I guess I could wait another week to answer this question since it is almost my birthday, but I feel like doing it now. So what was the last gift I received? I'm not sure if flowers count but I think they do. My LB got me 2 dozen roses, with the help of his dad, for Valentine's Day. The intention was one dozen but somehow in processing the order they got ordered twice....lucky me! I got 24 beautiful roses. I also got a hand made Lego Heart Creation.

I like receiving presents but honestly I really enjoy giving gifts too. I have to admit I've never been a great gift-giver but recently I have been trying to really put some thought into the gifts I pick out or make. Some of my favorite gifts are small, handmade, and not store-bought. I have four seashells sitting on bookshelf at work that were a gift from a friend who took a day trip to the beach, I have a four leaf clover eliminated onto a small piece of paper that is one of my very favorite gifts of all time.  I have a necklace that was handmade of lapis, hearts carved by hand and somehow put onto a chain. Gifts don't have to big big, expensive, or flaunty. In fact, the smaller the better especially if there has been significant thought put into it. 

So what is your favorite gift you have received? What is the last gift you gave? 


  1. The only time my husband ever gave me flowers was after we had been dating for four months, we have been together ten years now! I would think something was wrong if he sent them to me now.
    I love the lego heart, that's awesome.

    1. Haha I hear ya on that! I can relate....and I have been divorced from my son's (LB) dad for 3 years now... a very nice gesture nonetheless!

  2. The last gift I received was probably Christmas, one of them was a selfie stick from my husband LOL The last gift I gave was yesterday. I gave my daughter a trike for her first birthday!

  3. Oh man! I would love a selfie stick!!! That is awesome!!!! And how fun for your daughter to get her first trike!!!! Loads of fun ahead for you guys!

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