Wednesday, September 17, 2014

In Loving Memory of Lazy Dog…

You remember Lazy Dog, right?
It’s been just over a week since we had to say goodbye to the best dog I could ever ask for.  And even though I called him lazy he was far from it. He began having hip problems about 4 years ago. Up until then he could run with me a little but but not more than a few miles. He preferred to run at his own pace, to and fro, not on a leash.

All dogs go to heaven...It must be the best doggie play date Lazy Dog has ever seen, and he’s had some good ones.  Carson has seen a lot in his short 11 years. From Choctaw, OK to TX, NC to WA and back to NC, and back to OK and every state in between, Carson has had his paws in the Atlantic and the Pacific. He has climbed mountains, ran trails, frolicked on the beach. He's felt the wind sweeping through the plains. He’s chased rabbits and cats, and deer. He caught a bird once (and surprised himself and let it go), eaten bees, and begged for salmon. Carson had a big job, to protect his family. As soon as LB could walk Carson became his shadow. He saved my life three times that I know of, and who knows how many others. There will never be another Carson, named on a car ride between Wichita Falls, TX and OKC, because we were in the car and he was our first born, hairy son....Carson.

Saying goodbye is far from easy and I have a huge hole in my heart. But I can say that today I am better because he lived.


He is already missed dearly and will be missed for the rest of my life. Hopefully this weekend I can get out and run some miles in his honor.

If anyone else wants to join me feel free! Let’s see how many miles we can run for Lazy Dog!


  1. Bless your heart. I'm running a half marathon Saturday and I will think about your dog :)

  2. I wasn't planing on running this weekend but now Shadow Boy & I will. Carson was truly loved & I so appreciated the video. Big Hugs From Colorado

    1. Awe, I really appreciate it!! Even a nice walk would be great. The last two months Caron couldn't even go for walks. It was so sad. He wanted to so bad. =(

  3. Awww, so sorry. I'm sure he will be partying it up with the other dogs up there :)

  4. Awwwww, Amanda, I'm so, so, so sorry. I was away from all things blogging for a long time and I'm just now getting back into it regularly and checking in on some old blogs I haven't visited in a long time. It makes me sad that this is the first thing I see when I check back in on you. :( I'll give my critters extra loving today in LD's honor.


You're pretty much awesome!!


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