Monday, March 18, 2013

What Have I Been Doing?

That's the question I've been getting a lot these days....

I've actually been doing  A LOT! Just not taking the time to sit down and blog about it. For that I apologize. So I will catch you up in a few pics and whatnot in reverse order, from today back....

I ordered and received today a 6 week Kettlebell workout.  After nearly throwing my PS3 out the window, I had to literally Google: How to play a DVD in a PS3 in order to figure out how to play the stupid DVD. But it finally worked! I did Week 1 Cardio 1 work out and OUCH....I'm gonna be hurting tomorrow.

I've been going to lots of LB's soccer games...and it's been cold. So cold I took my snuggie out!

I've been going to a lot of Hot's so so great. And hot....

I met with Sarah and Rachel for birthweek lunch on Saturday...almost another year older...Wow, how far I've come in one year. 

I've been doing some running...

I also went to GNC to pick up some supplements and protein powder....

So there you have it, the short version of my past few weeks. I have my next half marathon coming up in 4 weeks. I'm only slightly, kinda, almost close to being ready. I'm hoping it's not another PW but it very well could be. I'm ok with that....


  1. Great pictures! I'm thankful a dinosaur didn't make a meal out of you.

    1. Ha ha!! Thanks!!! You and me both! That would have made for a real bad Monday! =)

  2. Love the pictures...lovely place to run! I hate when I run into dinosaurs...whew! Your gonna do just fine...just remember to enjoy the experience...or pretend your running from a

  3. Great pictures! Looks like you're enjoying life :)

  4. Sounds like a lot of good things happening. HAppy for you!

  5. Great! It is nice to see that your enjoying! :)


You're pretty much awesome!!


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