Saturday, September 10, 2011

Oh, hi....

Yeah, I'm still around. I've kind of been on an unintentional internet hiatus. I must admit it's been kind of nice. Sometimes the hub-bub of life gets crazy and the easiest thing to ease off of is my internet addiction. But truth is I can't stay away long, hence addiction.

This week has just been busy, tiresome, and although it was 4 working days, long and exhausting. Here are the noteworthy events of the week:

  • LB learned to ride his bike. 100%. He is now a wild man on wheels, flying down hills and just loving his new-found freedom. So every day after work/school we have been out riding the neighborhood. It's awesome!
  • We have been new-to-me car shopping. A 53 mile one-way commute has me screaming No More GAS!!! So I need something with better gas mileage. I LOVE my Jeep and really hate the thought of getting rid of it....BUT the bank account speaks and says better gas mileage=race entry fees, trips, gear.....whatever.
  • An 18 Mile run this AM!! I ran the first four miles on the treadmill at 5:15 AM. At 6 I met Natalie of Running, and What Not. She sent me a message a while back saying she would be in town visiting her in-laws for three weeks , three glorious weeks, and from there we just ran with it, pun intended. So this morning was our third and final (at least until she comes back for a visit or I head make my way back up to WA) long run. We did two 14 milers together and today was 18 for me and 14 for her. It worked out beautifully. We hit it off immediately on our first run and had no trouble finding conversation topics. Today's run was a much needed confidence booster for OBX-9 weeks away!

Me and Natalie


Let me just tell you, I have truly missed having a running partner. I know I have talked about Running Partners before and even kicked off National Running Buddy Appreciation Day (this will be an annual event). But I just feel the need to say that I miss all my running buddies, so much. I'll be accepting applications for Official, Full-Time Running Partner....Please apply in person ASAP. Thanks.

How is your weekend going? Any awesome long runs with awesome Running Buddies?
Ok, off to hang with The Hubs...


  1. Glad you are enjoying your hiatus and runs with Natalie. I will miss you at YGG. It wont seem the same without you!

  2. Awesome run this morning!! Running buddies are the best! Makes a long run so much more doable!

  3. Well since this is my first week back running, I've had to shorter runs but with 2 of my running buddies who I've missed hanging out with. COme to VT and run here!!

  4. I don't have any running buddies, though hopefully someday I will find someone. No one out here is much of a runner.

  5. Unfortunately I do not have a running partner. I wish I did know someone who would run with me once a week or so.

    Good luck car shopping!

  6. no runs so far for me...had my bf's sisters wedding. I am 6days from my marathon! But I love running with a buddy...I have a running date with my bf's other sister on Wednesday. Hoping to work out some nerves.

  7. Get a motorcycle! I did!

    Xterra: gas up once a week @ $60.00 = $240/month

    Motorcycle: gas up every two weeks @ $11.00 = $22/month.

    Me LIKEY that kind of math!

    Luckily, I live where I can ride most of the year. :-)

  8. Great job on the 18 miler! I miss running :(

  9. And we miss YOU!! Glad you were not solo.. HUGS to getting in those miles and taking a break from the Internet :)

  10. i am severely missing all my running buddies that moved, so I need to make some new one's

    agreed we all need little breaks from blogging...only to find ourselves back again!

  11. I had a great solo run- 30km which is a PDR for me!

  12. Running buddies are awesome!! Every running buddy is different and unique and perfect in it's own way :) It makes getting up early on a saturday/sunday so much easier :)

  13. I have a part time running buddy...we work totally different schedules so we meet up when we can!

    I bought RLRF and it came in the mail yesterday!!! I am loving just reading the science behind it so far....and am hoping to start the training plan soon!!

    Me and the Hubs bought hybrid bikes yesterday, then rode 7 miles last night!! I will be soon investing in a better seat...OUCH!

  14. Mel and I missed YOU at the Iron Girl race last weekend buddy!

  15. I hear ya on the internet break! I've been doing hot yoga which is a 90 minute class which leaves little time for blogging. Glad your back! You were missed.

    Get Up & Go

  16. I lose my mojo sometimes...when I do, I find a new trail to explore.
    Don't stress about a day or 2 off. It will probably do you some good.


You're pretty much awesome!!


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